Thomson 40FW5554

Thomson 40FW5554 priručnik

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    Important information
    Ensure that your domestic mains supply voltage matches the
    voltage indicated on the identication sticker located at the
    back of your set. Where the mains plug or an appliance coupler
    is used as disconnect device, it shall remain readily operable.
    On certain models, the light indicator is located at the side of
    the TV set. The absence of a light indication at the front does
    not mean that the TV set is fully disconnected from the mains.
    To disconnect the TV set completely, the mains plug must be
    pulled out.
    The TV set’s components are sensitive to heat. The
    ambient temperature
    should not exceed
    Celsius. Do
    not cover the vents at the back or sides of the TV set. Leave
    sufcient space around it to allow adequate ventilation. Install
    the appliance away from any source of heat (replace, etc.) or
    appliances creating strong magnetic or electric elds.
    in rooms where the set is installed should not exceed
    humidity. Moving the set from a cold place to a warm
    one can cause condensation on the screen (and on some
    components inside the TV set). Let the condensation evaporate
    before switching the TV set on again.
    This appliance is intended for domestic household use only
    and should not be used for any other application, such as for
    non-domestic use or in a commercial environment.
    If the external exible cable or cord of this product is damaged,
    it shall be replaced by the manufacturer or his service agent or
    a similar qualied person in order to avoid a hazard.
    Leave more than 10cm clearance around the television to allow
    adequate ventilation. The ventilation should not be impeded
    by covering the ventilation openings with items, such as
    newspapers, table-cloths, curtains, etc.
    The apparatus shall not be exposed to dripping or splashing
    and no objects lled with liquids, such as vases shall be placed
    on the apparatus.
    To prevent the spread of re, keep candles or other
    open ames away from this product at all times.
    WARNING: To prevent injury, this apparatus must be securely
    attached to the oor/wall in accordance with the installation
    Connect headphones with the volume set low and
    increase if required. Prolonged listening through headphones
    at high volume settings can result in hearing damage.
    Eye Fatigue
    When using this product as a computer monitor, health and
    safety experts recommend short frequent breaks rather than
    occasional longer breaks. For example a 5-10 minute break
    after an hour of continuous screen work is considered to be
    better than a 15 minute break every 2 hours.
    Do not use the monitor against a bright background or where
    sunlight or other bright light sources will shine directly onto the
    The or
    button on the TV set or the button on
    the remote control can be used to switch it on and put it into
    standby mode. If you are
    not going to be watching the TV for
    a lengthy period of time
    , switch it off completely by removing
    the plug from the mains power socket.
    , we recommend that you disconnect
    the TV set from the mains and aerial so that it is not affected by
    electrical or electromagnetic surges that could damage it. For
    this reason, keep the
    mains and aerial sockets
    accessible so
    they can be
    , if necessary.
    the TV set immediately if you notice it giving off a
    smell of burning
    . You must never, under any
    circumstances, open the TV set yourself, as you run the risk of
    electric shock
    in doing so.
    TV screen
    The TV screen used in this product is made of glass. Therefore,
    it can break when the product is dropped or impacted upon by
    other objects.
    The TV screen is a very high technology product, giving you
    nely detailed pictures. Occasionally, a few nonactive pixels
    may appear on the screen as a xed point of blue, green or
    red. This does not affect the performance of your product.
    Use a glass-cleaning product to clean the screen and a soft
    cloth and mild detergent to clean the rest of the set.
    Using strong detergents, alcohol-based and
    abrasive products may damage the screen.
    Dust the vents at the back and sides regularly. Using solvents,
    abrasive or alcohol-based products could damage the TV set.
    If an object or liquid enters the appliance, unplug it immediately
    and have it checked by an authorized engineer. Never open
    the appliance yourself since this may put you at risk or damage
    the appliance.
    Hanging the TV set on the wall
    Warning: This operation requires two people.
    To ensure a safe installation, observe the following safety
    • Check that the wall can support the weight of the TV set and
    wall mount assembly.
    • Follow the mounting instructions provided with the wall
    mount. For certain models, make sure to screw the
    hexagonal VESA wall mounting screw bosses (and screws)
    provided with the set into the nuts for the wall mount at the
    back of your set before your wall mounting.
    • The TV set must be installed on a vertical wall.
    • Make sure to use only screws suitable for the material of the
    • Make sure that the TV set cables are placed so that there is
    no danger of tripping over them.
    All other safety instructions about our TV sets are also
    applicable here.
    Placing the TV on a table and other surfaces
    Before setting up your television set, make sure that the
    surface you want to put the set on can support its weight.
    Do not place the set on an unstable surface (e.g. moving
    shelf, very edge of a unit) and make sure that the front of the
    television set does not overhang the surface it is standing on.
    To avoid TV from falling please fasten TV to the wall by using
    necessary screws (in Vesa wall mount holes), clamps, anchors
    to be bought separately. Install TV near to the wall to avoid
    falling backwards.
    Multi product user manual
    The features described in this manual are common to most
    models. Some features may not be available on your TV and/
    or your TV may include features that are not described in this
    user manual. The illustrations in this manual may differ from
    the actual product. Please refer to the actual product.
Thomson 40FW5554

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Brend Thomson
Model 40FW5554
Proizvod LED TV prijamnik
EAN 5901292502386
Jezik Engels
Vrsta datoteke PDF
Dijagonala monitora 40 "
Tip HD-a Full HD
Razlučivost zaslona 1920 x 1080 pikseli
Svjetlina zaslona 400 cd/m²
Vrijeme odziva - ms
Vrsta LED pozadinskog osvjetljenja Edge-LED
Dijagonala ekrana (metrički) 101 cm
Ostale značajke
3D kompatibilnost
Ugrađeni zvučnici Da
Mogućnost korištenje bežične mreže Da
Godišnja potrošnja energije 91 kWh
Razred energetske učinkovitosti A
TV podešivač
Tip tunera Digitalno
Sustav formata analognog signala -
Sustav digitalnog formata signala DVB-C,DVB-T2
Smart TV
Pametni televizor Da
Internet TV Da
Broj zvučnika 2
Priključci i sučelja
Broj HDMI priključaka 3
PC ulaz (D-SUB) Da
DVI priključak
Broj DVI-D priključaka 0
Broj USB 2.0 priključaka 3
Broj USB 3.2 Gen 1 (3.1 Gen 1) Type-A priključaka 0
PC audio ulaz Da
Optički digitalni audio izlaz 1
Broj SCART priključaka 1
Broj Ethernet LAN (RJ-45) priključaka 1
Common interface (CI)
Common interface Plus (CI+) Da
Broj S_Video ulaza 0
Broj VGA (D-sub) utora 1
Izlazi za slušalice 1
Ethernet LAN veza Da
Wi-Fi Da
Značajke za upravljanje
Elektronički vodič kroz programe (EPG) Da
Odbrojavanje do isključenja Da
Lokalno zatamnjenje -
Teletekst 1000 stranica
Teletekst funkcija Da
Podržani video formati DIVX HD,MKV
Boja proizvoda Crno
Sučelje za montažu na ploči 400 x 400 mm
VESA ugradnja Da
Prekidač za uključivanje/isključivanje -
Potrošnja energije (pripravnost) - W
Potrošnja energije (tipično) 62 W
Težina i dimenzije
Širina (sa postoljem) 924 mm
Dubina (sa postoljem) 225 mm
Visina (sa postoljem) 620 mm
Podaci o ambalaži
Ručni daljinski upravljač Da
Postolje za računalo Da
Priručnik Da

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