Technoline WS 8001 priručnik

Technoline WS 8001
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  • Vrsta datoteke: PDF
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    Hanging Holes
    Foldable stand
    Battery cover
    Radio controlled reception icon
    Indoor Temperature display
    in ºC/ºF or seconds display
    Moon phase icon
    DCF time
    Alarm icon
    Battery compartment


    Instruction Manual


    Congratulations on purchasing this state-of-the-art Moon Phase Clock as an example of superior
    design and engineering. Providing radio-controlled time, date, indoor temperature display, and Moon
    phases, this innovative clock is ideal for home or office use. Operation of this product is simple and
    straightforward. By reading this operating manual, the user will receive a better understanding of the
    functions and the optimum benefit of all its features.

    Moon Phase Clock:


    DCF-77 Radio controlled time with manual setting option
    12/24 hour display
    Time display: hour, minute and seconds
    Calendar display
    Weekday display with seven languages option: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch
    and Danish.
    Time zone options ±12 hours
    Alarm setting with snooze function
    Indoor temperature display in degree Celsius or Fahrenheit
    Display of 8 Moon phases throughout the year
    Wall mountable or free standing


    1. Slide the battery cover open on the Moon Phase Clock as indicated.
    2. Checking the correct polarization, insert 2 x AA IEC LR6, 1.5V batteries into the battery
    compartment and replace the battery cover.
    3. Once the batteries are in place while beep sounds shortly, all segments of the LCD will light up
    briefly. Then the indoor temperature, the time as 0:00, the date as 1/1, weekday as MON and the
    Moon phase will be displayed.
    4. The DCF-77 time code reception will automatically start. This takes typically between 3 - 5
    minutes in good conditions. If after 10 minutes the DCF time has not been received, the clock
    will automatically attempt to receive the DCF time at the next full hour. When this is successful,
    the received time will be displayed. The date and Moon phase will also be updated with the
    received time (Please refer also to notes on “Radio controlled time”)


    For best performance, batteries should be replaced at least once and a year to maintain the best
    running accuracy. Ensure that the batteries used are new of the correct size.
    Always wait for 30 seconds after removing the batteries before reinserting, otherwise start up and
    transmission problems may occur.
    Please help in the preservation of the environment and return used batteries to an
    authorized depot.


    The Moon Phase Clock has four easy to use keys:
    Function keys
    SET key: To enter the manual setting modes if press for about 1 second
    To stop the alarm
    + key: To change the values in all setting modes
    To alternate between indoor temperature and seconds display
    To stop the alarm
    LCD 2 display
    ALM key: To enter the alarm setting mode if press for about 1 seconds
    To set the alarm ON/OFF
    To stop the alarm
    SNOOZE key: To activate the snooze function during alarm
    To switch OFF the alarm for the next 24 hours if pressed for about 1 second during
    alarm function or snooze
    To stop the alarm
    To exit any setting modes


    The Moon Phase Clock's LCD is divided into 2 sections and once the batteries are inserted, all the
    segments will light up briefly before displaying:
    LCD 1 display


    Once the batteries are inserted into the battery compartment, the Moon Phase Clock will receive the
    DCF time within 3-5 minutes. Once received, all segments of the clock will display the informations
    accordingly, then no further reception will take place for the DCF signal that day.
    The DCF reception takes places at 2:00 and 3:00 am each day. If the clock is unable to receive the
    reception, it will attempt to receive the DCF time at the next full hour or as long as it receives the DCF
    time successfully.
Technoline WS 8001

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Značajke proizvoda WS 8001 trgovačke marke Technoline

Brend Technoline
Model WS 8001
Proizvod Radio sat
EAN 4029665080000
Jezik Engleski
Vrsta datoteke PDF
Težina i dimenzije
Dimenzije (ŠxDxV) 25 x 290 x 190 mm
Vrsta baterije AA
Boja proizvoda Blue,Silver