Techly IDATA SPDIF-7 priručnik

  • · Safety Notice
    · Features
    · Installation Procedures
    · FAQ
    Please read these instructions carefully to insure proper use of
    your device.
    1. Please check all warning labels and all markings on this device.
    2. Do not expose this device to water or excessive heat.
    3. Do not place any foreign objects in the device.
    4. Do not attempt to repair the device or open the unit as this will
    void the warranty.
    1. AV si gn al s conver t to HDMI signals
    2. Support NTSC and PA L standard T V formats in pu t
    3. Support HDMI 1080p or 720p output
    4. Mini size, portable and flexible
    5. Plug and play, easy installation
    Q: Why does the screen have no output?
    A: 1) Check and make sure the power supply and all cables are
    connected well.
    2) Check and make sure there is AV signal input and you've
    chosen the right HDMI signal channel.
    Q: Why does the output image have the snow point or unclear?
    A: Change an HDMI cable or use a shorter HDMI cable for te st in g.
    2. Connectio n in st ruction
    1 ) Connect the DVD to the converter via a RCA AV cable, using the
    color coding on the connectors as a guide.
    2 ) Connect the HD display to HDMI output of the conver ter via a
    HDMI cable.
    3 ) Plug the power supply into the device to ge t st ar ted.
    1. Connection
    This AV to HDMI conver ter is designed to convert audio and video
    signals from video source devices such as DVD, UHS Tape Deck and
    Set Top Box into HDMI signals that you can view on a HD TV. Making
    video come alive, delivering the sharpest, most realistic HD visuals
    · Package Contents
    User manual x1pc
    AV to HDMI
    converter x1pc
    power adapter ×1pc
    · Panel Description
    DC 5V
    Switch the resolution to 720p or 1080p
    Output HDMI signal
    The yellow jack input the video signal, the red and
    the white jack input the audio signal - right and
    left channel
    Input DC5V power
    AV to HDMI converter
    HD display
    AV cable
    HDMI cable
    1. Source devices:
    Source device with RCA jacks, such as VCD/DVD player, STB etc.
    2. Display devices:
    Display device with HDMI input, such as SDT V, HDTV, projector etc.
    · Installation Requirements

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