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Teac TM-ST1
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  • The TM-ST1 includes a microphone clip and tabletop
    stand. To use the clip with a microphone stand, the mic
    clip comes with 3/8" and 5/8" adapter screws. A
    windscreen is also provided to reduce breath or wind
    1. Unscrew the microphone rear cover.
    2. Remove the body shell to expose the battery holder.
    3. Insert the battery according to the polarity markings.
    Switch off the microphone and insert the 3.5mm stereo
    plug into the microphone input of your recording device.


    When powering on the microphone, the Power LED
    flashes once then goes off to extend battery life. When the
    light no longer turns on, you need to change the battery.
    The AA battery generally provides approximately 200
    hours of use under normal circumstances. This can vary
    from user to user.
    1. Insert the battery correctly
    2. Do not charge the battery
    3. Remove the battery if the microphone will not be used
    for a long period of time.
    4. If the battery leaks, clean the battery holder before
    inserting a new battery.






    The TASCAM TM-ST1 is configured
    with an M/S stereo pattern for excellent
    imaging and natural ambience.
    The microphone pattern can be switched
    to 90 for narrower coverage, such as a
    solo instrument or voice, or 120 for
    orchestra, choir or stage performance.
    The TM-ST1 is suitable for digital
    recordings of concerts, meetings and

    Inserting Battery Steps

    Power Switch

    Single point stereo (Mid-Side
    arrangement), electret
    condenser microphones
    Polar pattern:
    Cardioid for Mid, and figure of 8
    for Side. Coverage at 90 or 120
    110g(including battery)
    Frequency response:
    -45dBV/Pa @120 setting.
    Channel difference within 3dB
    Nominal Impedance:
    1k ohm 20% at 1kHz
    Min load impedance:
    2k ohm
    Max. SPL:
    Dynamic range:
    Power Source:
    1.5V Battery (AA)
    Power consumption:
    Battery lifetime:
    approx. 200 hours
    Output connector:
    3.5mm stereo plug
    ! M/S stereo space, for natural and clear stereo sound
    ! Coverage can be switched between 90 and 120
    ! 3.5mm stereo plug.
    ! Light weight body with professional clip, convenient
    for carrying and set-up.
Teac TM-ST1

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Brend Teac
Model TM-ST1
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EAN 43774023677
Jezik Engleski
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