Stihl RE 128 Plus priručnik

Stihl RE 128 Plus

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RE 108, RE 118, RE 128 PLUS
All the pictograms attached to the
machine are shown and explained in this
Symbols in text
Engineering improvements
STIHL's philosophy is to continually
improve all of its products. For this
reason we may modify the design,
engineering and appearance of our
products periodically.
Therefore, some changes, modifications
and improvements may not be covered
in this manual.
This appliance is not intended for
use by children and other persons
whose physical, sensory, or mental
capabilities or lack of experience
and knowledge prevents them from
using the appliance safely without
supervision or instruction by a
responsible person.
Minors should never be allowed to
use the high-pressure cleaner –
except for young trainees over the
age of 16 when working under
Children should be supervised by
responsible person to ensure that
they do not play with the appliance.
The machine should only be
provided or loaned to people
familiar with this model and its
operation. The instruction manual
should always be handed over with
the machine.
Do not use the machine if anyone
not wearing protective clothing is in
the working area.
Before starting any work on the
machine, e. g., cleaning, servicing,
replacement of parts – unplug the
power plug!
Observe the national safety regulations
issued, for example, by the employers'
liability insurance association, social
security institutions, occupational safety
and health authorities or other
When not using the machine, it must be
put down in such a way that it does not
endanger anyone. Ensure that the
machine cannot be used without
authorization, unplug the power cord.
The user is responsible for accidents or
risks involving third parties or their
If using the machine for the first time:
Have your STIHL dealer or another
expert show you how to use it safely.
In some countries, operation of
machines that emit noise may be
restricted by municipal regulations.
Observe national regulations.
Unsuitable extension cords may be
dangerous. When working outdoors,
use only extension cords that are
approved for this use and
correspondingly marked and have a
sufficient cross-section.
Guide to Using this Manual
Warning where there is a risk of
an accident or personal injury or
serious damage to property.
Caution where there is a risk of
damaging the machine or its
individual components.
Safety Precautions and
Working Techniques
The high water pressure
generated and the power
connection are particular
sources of danger.
It is important that you
carefully read the entire
Instruction Manual before
using the machine for the
first time and keep it in a
safe place for future ref-
erence. Non-compliance
with the Instruction Man-
ual may cause serious or
even fatal injury.

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