Stihl RE 128 Plus priručnik

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Original Instruction ManualPrinted on chlorine-free paper
Printing inks contain vegetable oils, paper can be recycled.
0458-650-8221. M999.A11.TP.
RE 108, RE 118, RE 128 PLUS
Dear Customer,
Thank you for choosing a quality
engineered STIHL product.
This machine has been built using
modern production techniques and
comprehensive quality assurance.
Every effort has been made to ensure
your satisfaction and troublefree use
of the machine.
Please contact your dealer or our
sales company if you have any
queries concerning your machine.
Hans Peter Stihl
Guide to Using this Manual 2
Safety Precautions and Working
Techniques 2
Assembling the Unit 6
Transporting the Unit 7
Fitting, removing spray lance 8
Fitting, removing high-pressure
hose 8
Connecting the water supply 9
Connecting to a pressureless water
supply 10
Connecting to Power Supply 10
Switching On 11
Working 11
Adding detergent 12
Switching Off 13
Storing the Machine 13
Maintenance and Care 14
Maintenance 15
First use after long periods of
storage 15
Main Parts 16
Specifications 17
Special Accessories 19
Troubleshooting 21
Maintenance and Repairs 23
Disposal 23

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