Starkey TruLink for Android app

Starkey TruLink for Android app priručnik

  • Available for
    Android phones
    TruLink Hearing Control app offers functionality
    designed to enhance anywhere patients go - so they
    can easily enjoy everything they do. With TruLink,
    patients can:
    Personalize and geotag up to 20 memories to
    match what they do and where they go.
    Set memories to change automatically based on
    personalized geotags (e.g. Starbucks
    automatically activates when they walk into
    their favorite Starbucks).
    Enhance their experience while traveling in a car.
    Control their hearing aid volume and memories
    via their Android-based device.
    Find lost hearing aids using the Find My Hearing Aids
    feature, showing both a location and a time stamp.
    For Android compatibility information,
    Reach even more patients by
    providing additional connectivity
    options. TruLink for Android
    now available on Google Play

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