Sony XDR-S41D

Sony XDR-S41D priručnik

  • XDR-S41D_EU8 [GB/FR] 4-691-610-11(1)
    Listening to the Radio
    Turn on the radio, and then select the
    DAB or FM function.
    Getting Started
    To change button assignment
    1 Tune to a new station.
    2 Press and hold the preset button you want to
    change until “Station saved to preset x. appears
    on the display.
    The previously assigned station on the selected button
    will be replaced by the new one.
    The button assignment information remains in the radio’s
    memory even after DAB and FM auto tunes are performed.
    Connect the AC adaptor or insert four batteries.
    Then, extend the antenna.
    Turn on the radio.
    AC adaptor
    When the AC adaptor is connected, even if batteries
    are inserted, the power source will automatically
    switch from batteries to AC power.
    To use the unit on batteries
    See “Setup menu options” for manual tuning.
    Assigning Stations to the Preset Buttons
    Assign your favourite stations to the 5 preset buttons. You can assign
    up to 5 stations each for DAB and FM functions.
    Tune to the station you want to preset.
    Press and hold the desired preset button (15) until
    “Station saved to preset x. appears on the display.
    Select the desired station or service.
    Slide the jog lever up or down to make a
    Follow the steps in “Listening to the Radio above.
    To assign other stations to the rest of the
    preset buttons, repeat the same procedure.
    To improve DAB/FM radio reception To make a new DAB/FM station list
    If you have moved to another region, perform DAB and FM auto tunes again. Select the DAB or FM function, then press
    The radio receives
    the first station in
    the new station list.
    • The currently stored station list will be cleared once the auto
    tune process starts.
    • When the setup menu is displayed, auto tune will not be
    performed even if AUTO TUNE is pressed.
    Note on FM auto tuning
    Be sure to select “By station list” in “FM tune mode before
    starting FM auto tune. When “Manual tune is selected, scan
    tuning will start instead. See “Setup menu options” for details.
    Guide to parts and controls
    (power) button
    Volume control
    (headphones) jack
    DC IN jack
    DAB/FM button
    AUTO TUNE button
    Jog lever
    BACK button
    MENU button
    Preset buttons*
    * Preset button
    has a tactile dot.
    Battery indicator
    Battery indicator lights up when using the unit on batteries. The remaining battery power is displayed in
    5 levels.
    Replace all the
    batteries with
    new ones when
    the low battery
    warning message
    Battery indicator
    Setup menu options
    Example: When the DAB band is selected
    Press MENU to enter the setup menu.
    Slide the jog lever up
    or down to select the
    desired menu item or
    Press the lever to
    confirm the selection.
    To go back to the upper menu level
    Press BACK.
    To exit the setup menu
    Press MENU again.
    Wake-up timer
    Be sure to connect the AC adaptor when using
    the wake-up timer. Wake-up timer cannot be
    used when using the unit on batteries.
    Enable: Select this option when using the
    wake-up timer.
    Disable: Select this option when not using the
    wake-up timer.
    Wake-up timer setting: Select this option
    when setting the wake-up timer. You can set the
    wake-up timer as follow.
    1 Select “Timer setting” and set the
    hour and minute.
    2 Select “Wake station” and set a
    If selecting from the preset
    station list
    If setting to the last
    received station
    After you have selected the setting, press
    BACK until the display returns to the
    “Wake-up timer setting” menu.
    3 Select “Volume setting” and adjust
    the volume using the jog lever.
    After you have adjusted the volume, press
    BACK until the display returns to the
    “Wake-up timer” menu.
    4 Select “Enable, and then press the
    jog lever.
    When the wake-up timer is set, lights up
    on the display.
    To search FM stations (scan tuning)
    You can search receivable FM stations in 0.05 MHz steps.
    Select the FM function, then press AUTO TUNE. Be sure to select
    “Manual tune”
    in “FM tune mode” (See “Setup menu options.”) before using this function.
    If a receivable station is found,
    “[ENTER]:Select” appears on the
    display. Press the jog lever to
    receive the station. (If you do
    not press the jog lever within
    3seconds, the search will
    • You can also search FM stations by sliding and holding the jog
    lever up or down after selecting the FM function.
    Press BACK to stop searching FM stations.
    Press the desired preset button (15).
    Listening to an Assigned Station
    To prevent the assigned station from being
    changed by mistake, do not hold the preset
    button down.
    Example: When the
    preset button “ is
    Preset button number lights up
    and the reception screen appears.
    Example: Assigning a
    station to the preset
    button “
    The radio automatically turns off after a set time
    has elapsed.
    Select the desired timer setting (minutes) from
    the following:
    When the sleep timer is set, “SLEEP” lights up on
    the display.
    Displays information for the station to which you
    are listening. Slide the jog lever up or down to
    scroll through the following information:
    Channel: Channel and frequency (See the DAB
    frequency table in “Specifications.”)
    Multiplex name: Ensemble label (up to
    16characters long)
    Service name: Station name
    PTY: PTY label (See “PTY (programme type)” in
    Bit rate: Bit rate
    Signal level: Displays the signal level for the
    DAB station to which you are listening, ranging
    from 0 (no signal) to 100 (maximum signal).
    If there is no ensemble label or no station name,
    the space for label or name will be blank. If there
    is no PTY label, “No PTY” will appear on the
    FM tune mode
    Select the tuning mode for FM.
    By station list: You can select the desired
    station from the list of FM stations stored by auto
    When selecting this option, the display will
    change to the FM station list. Select the desired
    station from the list.
    Manual tune: You can manually tune to the
    desired FM frequency in 0.05 MHz steps. Slide
    the jog lever up or down to tune to the desired
    frequency. In “Manual tune” mode, you can use
    the scan tuning function (See “To search FM
    stations (scan tuning)” for details.).
    Edit FM station list
    You can edit the FM station list.
    Get FM station name: Perform this
    operation when you want to receive RDS
    information such as station names. Select “OK” to
    start scanning for RDS data.
    • Set “FM tune mode to “By station list” before
    you perform this operation.
    About the FM auto tune
    You can cancel the FM auto tune process
    that starts after the FM function is
    selected for the first time. However, if you
    want to tune to stations by station list,
    you will need to perform FM auto tune.
    For details on how to perform FM auto
    tune later, see “To make a new DAB/FM
    station list.
    To cancel the
    auto tune
    process while
    in progress,
    press BACK.
    Scrolling text (DLS: Dynamic Label
    Segment of up to 128 characters)
    “SC” lights up when
    a secondary service
    is received.
    Station currently
    being received
    Secondary service
    (after the “L” mark)
    Selected station
    When selecting the FM function for the first time
    FM auto tune will start automatically when the FM function is selected for
    the first time.
    • Even if you select “Later” on the “Get FM station name” screen, FM station
    names will be received and stored in the unit while you are listening to
    • FM station names may not be transmitted, depending on the station.
    Station name*
    Selected station
    * Displayed only
    when RDS data
    has been
    Scrolling text
    (RT: Radio Text of up to 64 characters)*
    Station name*
    Station currently
    being received
    • The backlight will turn off if no operation is performed for about 30 seconds to minimize power
    • Alkaline batteries are recommended. The use of manganese batteries is not recommended, since
    this type of battery has an extremely short usage time.
    • The currently stored RDS information will be
    cleared once scanning starts.
    • It may take a long time to receive all the
    available RDS data.
    Delete FM station: You can delete any
    unwanted stations from the FM station list.
    1 Slide the jog lever up or down
    to select the station you want to
    delete, and then press the lever.
    2 Slide the jog lever up or down to
    “OK, and then press the jog lever.
    Add FM station:
    When listening to a
    manually tuned station, you can add the station
    to the FM station list. Select “OK” to add the
    station to the list. Be sure to set “FM tune mode”
    to “Manual tune” before using this option.
    Auto: The backlight will turn off automatically if
    no operation is performed for 30 seconds.
    Always ON: The backlight will be on all the
    Set time: Auto (DAB)” is set by default. This
    enables the clock to synchronize with the DAB
    data being received. Select “Time setting” to set
    the clock manually using the jog lever.
    12H/24H: Select the clock display mode,
    12-hour clock or 24-hour clock.
    Select “On” to activate the beep sound when you
    operate the radio.
    DAB manual tune
    If DAB reception by DAB auto tune is poor, try
    manual tuning.
    Slide the jog lever up or down to
    select the desired DAB channel, then
    press the lever.
    The radio starts scanning for receivable stations
    in the selected channel.
    The new station received by manual tuning is
    stored in the DAB station list.
    Select “OK” to initialize the radio to the factory
    default settings. All settings, DAB and FM station
    lists and assignment information on the preset
    buttons will be deleted.
    Listening through headphones
    Connect headphones that have a stereo or
    monaural* mini plug (not supplied).
    To (headphones)
    When connecting headphones to the unit, use
    headphones with a stereo (3-pole) or monaural
    (2-pole) mini plug. If you use headphones with
    another type of plug, there may be noise
    interference or no sound may be heard.
    1 ring
    2 rings
    Other types of
    plugs cannot
    be used.
    plug types
    3 or more rings
    mini plug
    mini plug
    * When listening to stereo sound using
    monaural headphones, you will hear sound
    from the left channel only.
    Maintaining the moderate volume level
    The radio limits the maximum volume to allow
    you to listen to the sound at a moderate volume
    level when using the headphones. When you try
    to adjust the volume to a level that exceeds the
    specified level, the “Check The Volume Level”
    message appears.
    The volume is lowered automatically and the
    “Volume Lowered” message appears, if you do
    not lower the volume for the specified period of
    time after the “Check The Volume Level”
    message appears.
    About RDS Features
    What is RDS?
    Introduced by the European Broadcasting Union
    (EBU) in 1987, the Radio Data System (RDS) allows
    information such as station names to be received
    via the 57 kHz sub-carrier signal of FM
    broadcasts. However, the availability of RDS data
    varies depending on the area. It therefore may
    not be always be possible to receive RDS
    Using the RDS functions
    This radio supports the following RDS functions.
    RDS function Description
    Station name
    Displays the station name
    you are listening to.
    RT (radio text) Displays the free-form
    textual information.
    • The RDS functions will not be activated if the
    FM station being received is not transmitting
    RDS data. They may also not work properly in
    areas where RDS transmissions are in the
    experimental stage.
    • If the radio signal being received is weak, it
    may take time to receive the RDS data.
    • Operate the unit only on the power sources
    specified in “Specifications.” For battery
    operation, it is recommended that you use four
    LR6 (size AA) alkaline batteries. For AC
    operation, use only the supplied AC adaptor.
    Do not use any other type of AC adaptor.
    • Failure to use the supplied AC adaptor may
    cause the unit to malfunction, as the polarity
    of the plugs of other manufacturers may be
    • To use the unit on battery power, unplug the
    connector of the AC power adaptor from the
    DC IN jack. The unit cannot be powered by
    batteries if the connector of the AC adaptor is
    plugged into the DC IN jack.
    • Use the unit within a temperature range of 0°C
    to 40°C. If it is used in temperatures higher
    than this range, the display may gradually turn
    black. If it is used in temperatures lower than
    this range, the display may change very slowly.
    (These irregularities will disappear and there
    will be no damage to the unit when the unit is
    used in the recommended temperature range
    • Avoid exposure to temperature extremes,
    direct sunlight, moisture, sand, dust or
    mechanical shock. Never leave in a car parked
    in the sun.
    • Do not expose the unit to strong impact or
    excessive force. A glass material is used for the
    display in some models. If the glass chips or
    cracks, it may cause injury. In that case, stop
    using the unit immediately and make sure not
    to touch the damaged parts.
    • Should any solid object or liquid fall into the
    unit, disconnect the AC adaptor and remove
    the batteries, and have the unit checked by a
    qualified personnel before operating it any
    Since a strong magnet is used for the speakers,
    keep personal credit cards using magnetic
    coding or spring-wound watches away from
    the unit to prevent possible damage from the
    • To clean the casing, use a soft dry cloth. Do not
    use any type of solvent, such as alcohol or
    benzine, which may damage the finish.
    • Do not operate the unit with wet hands since it
    may cause a short circuit.
    • Do not mix an old battery with a new one or
    mix different type of batteries.
    • When you are not going to use the unit for a
    long time, remove the batteries to avoid
    damage from battery leakage and corrosion.
    • Check if the batteries are inserted in the
    correct orientation ( and ) when the radio
    does not turn on after battery replacement.
    • Batteries have a recommended use-by date for
    proper use. When using expired batteries,
    battery life will be extremely short. Check the
    use-by date on the batteries and if they are
    expired, replace them with new ones.
    • Make sure not to splash water on the unit. This
    unit is not waterproof.
    • Under certain circumstances, especially when
    the air is very dry, it is not uncommon to
    experience a discharge of static electricity, or
    shock, when your body comes in contact with
    another object, in this case the ear buds
    touching your ear(s). The energy from this
    natural discharge is extremely small and is not
    emitted by your product but rather a natural
    environmental occurrence.
    • Listening at high volume levels over extended
    periods of time may harm your hearing. Be
    particularly careful when listening through
    • Sudden loud output may harm your ears.
    Increase the volume gradually. Be particularly
    careful when listening through headphones.
    • Do not use headphones while walking, driving
    a car or motorcycle, cycling, etc. A traffic
    accident may result.
    • Do not use headphones in situations where
    being unable to hear ambient sound is
    dangerous, such as at railroad crossings, on
    train station platforms, and at construction
    • Excessive sound pressure from earphones and
    headphones can cause hearing loss.
    If you have any questions or problems
    concerning your unit, please consult your
    nearest Sony dealer.
    Should any problem persist after you have made
    the following checks, consult your nearest Sony
    Display is dim, or no indication is
    • The radio is being used in extremely high or
    low temperatures or in a place with excessive
    Very weak or interrupted sound, or
    unsatisfactory reception.
    • If you are in a building, listen near a window.
    • Extend the antenna and adjust the length and
    the angle for best reception. See “To improve
    DAB/FM radio reception” for details.
    • If a mobile phone is placed close to the radio,
    a loud noise may be heard from the radio.
    Keep the phone away from the radio.
    Battery gets exhausted very quickly.
    • Check the estimated battery life described in
    “Specifications” and be sure to turn off the
    radio when not using it.
    A desired station cannot be received
    when a preset button is pressed.
    • You may have held down the preset button to
    which the station was assigned, causing the
    station to be replaced by a new one. Assign
    the desired station again.
    • Preset buttons cannot be used when the setup
    menu is displayed.
    The battery compartment lid has come
    • The battery compartment lid is designed to
    come off when opened with excessive force.
    Insert the right hinge of the lid into the right
    hole of the compartment (), then insert the
    left hinge into the left hole ().
    If maintenance service is performed
    All user-configured settings, such as preset radio
    stations, the timer settings, and the clock, may
    be initialized.
    Please note your settings in case you need to
    configure them again.
    Low Battery (flashes, and the power is
    turned off)
    • The batteries are exhausted. Replace all the
    batteries with new ones.
    No preset
    • No station in the selected band (DAB or FM)
    has been preset to the pressed button.
    Service not available
    • The selected station or service is currently not
    Frequency range
    DAB (Band-III): 174.928 MHz 239.200 MHz
    FM: 87.5 MHz 108 MHz (0.05 MHz step)
    Intermediate frequency
    DAB (Band-III): 2.048 MHz
    FM: 1.943 MHz
    DAB (Band-III) frequency table (MHz)
    Channel Frequency Channel Frequency
    5A 174.928 10A 209.936
    5B 176.640 10B 211.648
    5C 178.352 10C 213.360
    5D 180.064 10D 215.072
    6A 181.936 11A 216.928
    6B 183.648 11B 218.640
    6C 185.360 11C 220.352
    6D 187.072 11D 222.064
    7A 188.928 12A 223.936
    7B 190.640 12B 225.648
    7C 192.352 12C 227.360
    7D 194.064 12D 229.072
    8A 195.936 13A 230.784
    8B 197.648 13B 232.496
    8C 199.360 13C 234.208
    8D 201.072 13D 235.776
    9A 202.928 13E 237.488
    9B 204.640 13F 239.200
    9C 206.352
    9D 208.064
    Speaker: Approx. 80 mm dia., 4 Ω, monaural
    Audio power output: 650 mW
    Output: (headphones) jack (ø 3.5 mm, stereo
    mini jack)
    Power requirements: 6 V DC, four LR6 (size AA)
    alkaline batteries
    External power source: DC IN 5 V 0.5 A
    Battery life (JEITA)*
    Approx. 25 hours for DAB, 27 hours for FM
    (Using Sony (LR6SG) alkaline batteries)
    Approx. 10 hours for DAB, 11 hours for FM
    (Using Sony (NH-AA) Ni-MH 1,000 mAh
    Dimensions: Approx. 180 mm × 95 mm × 36 mm
    (W/H/D) excl. projecting parts and controls
    Mass: Approx. 430 g incl. batteries
    Supplied accessories: AC adaptor (1)
    When Auto” is selected for the backlight
    setting and listening through the speaker.
    Measured by JEITA (Japan Electronics and
    Information Technology Industries Association)
    standards. The actual battery life varies
    significantly depending on battery type, usage
    and circumstances.
    Design and specifications are subject to change
    without notice.
    PTY (programme type)
    This function indicates services in programme
    type, such as News or Sports, transmitted in the
    If the service does not transmit the programme
    type, “No PTY” appears.
    Programme type Display
    No programme type No PTY
    News News
    Current Affairs Current Affairs
    Information Information
    Sport Sport
    Education Education
    Drama Drama
    Culture Arts
    Science Science
    Varied Talk
    Pop Music Pop Music
    Rock Music Rock Music
    Easy Listening Music Easy Listening
    Light Classical Light Classical
    Serious Classical Classical Music
    Other Music Other Music
    Weather Weather
    Finance Finance
    Children’s programmes Children’s
    Social Affairs Factual
    Religion Religion
    Phone In Phone In
    Travel Travel
    Leisure Leisure
    Jazz Music Jazz and Blues
    Country Music Country Music
    National Music National Music
    Oldies Music Oldies Music
    Folk Music Folk Music
    Documentary Documentary
    Alarm Test Alarm Test
    Alarm Alarm – Alarm !
    When adjusting the antenna, be
    sure to hold it by the bottom
    part. The antenna may be
    damaged if you move it with
    excessive force while holding it
    by the upper part.
    DAB auto tune will start automatically when the radio is
    turned on for the first time.
    After DAB auto tune is
    completed, the radio receives the first station in the
    DAB station list stored by DAB auto tune.
    If you want
    to cancel DAB auto tune process, press BACK.
    To cancel the auto
    tune process while
    in progress, press
    To perform DAB auto
    tune again later, see “To
    make a new DAB/FM
    station list” below.
    When turning on the radio for the first time
    Four LR6 (size AA) batteries (not supplied)
    Rear side
    To use the unit on battery
    power, unplug the connector of
    the AC power adaptor from the
    DC IN jack. The unit cannot be
    powered by batteries if the
    connector of the AC adaptor is
    plugged into the DC IN jack.
    Insert the side of the
    battery first.
    Operating Instructions GB
    Mode d’emploi FR
    ©2017 Sony Corporation Printed in China
Sony XDR-S41D

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Brend Sony
Model XDR-S41D
Proizvod Radio prijamnik
EAN 4548736044951, 4548736053922, 4548736053939, 4548736053946
Jezik Engleski, Francuski
Vrsta datoteke PDF
Tip radija Prije✗sno
Tip tunera Digital✗
Podržani frekvencijski pojasi DAB, DAB+, FM
FM frekvencijski pojas 87.5 - 108MHz
DAB III raspon pojasa 174.928 - 239.2MHz
PLL sintisajzer
Radijski podatkovni sustav (RDS)
Broj pohranjenih postaja 10
Automatsko digitalno traženje programa
Poboljšanja tunera Automatsko podešavanje
RDS mogućnosti RT
Režim buđenja uz radio
Odbrojavanje do isključenja
Integriran sat
Način za sat 12h/24h
Broj podržanih baterija 4
Vrsta baterije AA
Trajanje baterije 27.5h
Kompatibilne veličine baterija AA
Napon baterije 1.5V
Tehnologija baterije Alkalne
Indikator napunjenosti baterije
Indikator slabe baterije
Nazivna RMS snaga 0.65W
Priključci i sučelja
Izlazi za slušalice 1
Ulazni DC strujni priključak
Povezivanje slušalica 3, 5 mm
MP3 reprodukcija
Projekcija -
Boja proizvoda Cr✗
Tip antene Ekster✗
LED indikatori
Ostale značajke
Kompatibilnost sa Apple uređajima Nije podržan
Podešavanje svjetline
Ulazni napon 100-240V
Funkcija prikaza sata
Trajanje odbrojavanja (maksimalno) 60min
Trajanje odbrojavanja (minimum) 15min
Ugrađen zaslon
Vrsta zaslona LCD
Boja pozadinskog osvjetljenja Bijelo
Pozadinsko svjetlo
Ekran osjetljiv na dodir
Ethernet LAN veza
Ugrađeni zvučnici
Pogonska jedinica 77mm
Broj ugrađenih zvučnika 1
Potrošnja energije (tipično) 6W
Ulazna frekvencija izmjenične struje 50 - 60Hz
Vrsta napajanja Battery, DC
Integriran čitač kartica
Sadržaj ambalaže
Strujni adapter isporučen uz proizvod
Težina i dimenzije
Širina 180mm
Visina 95mm
Dubina 36mm
Težina 430g
Radni uvjeti
Raspon radne temperature (T-T) 0 - 40°C

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