Sony SRF-86

Sony SRF-86 priručnik

  • Operating Instructions
    FM Stereo/AM Radio
    Sony Corporation © 2001 Printed in China
    size AA (R6) × 1
    Insert the # side of the battery first.
    Dial scale
    (Portable Audio)
    You are cautioned that any
    changes or modifications not
    expressly approved in this manual
    could void your authority to
    operate this equipment.
    Before You Begin
    Thank you for choosing the Sony
    Radio! It will give you many hours of
    reliable service and listening pleasure.
    Before operating the unit, please read
    these instructions thoroughly and
    retain them for future reference.
    Water-resistant for all-weathers
    Can be attached to your hand, arm,
    or your waist
    Requires only 1.5 V DC from one
    size AA (R6) battery
    The AVLS (Automatic Volume
    Limiter System) selector to allow
    you to limit the maximum volume
    without degrading the sound
    Operate the unit only on 1.5 V DC
    with one size AA (R6) battery.
    Avoid exposure to temperature
    extremes, direct sunlight, moisture,
    sand, dust or mechanical shock.
    Never leave in a car parked in the
    Should any solid object or liquid fall
    into the unit, remove the battery
    and have the unit checked by a
    qualified personnel before operating
    it any further.
    In vehicles or buildings, radio
    reception may be difficult or noisy.
    Try listening near a window.
    To clean the casing, use a soft cloth
    dampened with a mild detergent
    Notes on Headphones
    Road safety
    Do not use headphones while driving,
    cycling, or operating any motorized
    vehicle. It may create a traffic hazard
    and is illegal in many areas. It can also
    be potentially dangerous to play your
    headphones at high volume while
    walking, especially at pedestrian
    crossings. You should exercise
    extreme caution or discontinue use in
    potentially hazardous situations.
    Preventing hearing damage
    Avoid using headphones at high
    Hearing experts advise against
    continuous, loud and extended play. If
    you experience a ringing in your ears,
    reduce the volume or discontinue use.
    Caring for others
    Keep the volume at a moderate level.
    This will allow you to hear outside
    sounds and to be considerate to
    people around you.
    Cautions on Water-resistance
    This radio is designed so that it can be
    used with slight exposure to rain,
    snow and other forms of moisture, but
    there are several points on which
    caution should be observed.
    Do not allow it to come in contact
    with large amounts of water.
    Do not immerse it in water.
    If water should get on it or if it
    should fall into water, take it out
    immediately and wipe it off with a
    dry cloth. The interior of the
    battery compartment has no
    water-resistance. The battery may
    corrode, so wipe out the interior of
    the battery compartment as follows.
    Open or close the battery
    compartment with dry hands in a
    place without exposure to any
    Wipe off the battery and the
    inside of the battery compart-
    ment. Give special attention to the
    contacts so that no water remains
    on them.
    If there is lightning when you are
    using the unit, take off the head-
    phones immediately.
    If you have any questions or problems
    concerning your unit, please consult
    the nearest Sony dealer.
    Frequency range:
    FM: 87.6 - 108 MHz
    AM: 530 - 1 710 kHz
    Power output:
    Headphones: 3.6 mW + 3.6 mW
    (at 10 % harmonic distortion)
    Headphones jack (ø 3.5 mm stereo
    minijack) load impedance 16
    Power requirements:
    1.5 V DC, one size AA (R6) battery
    Approx. 65 × 96.8 × 26 mm (w/h/d)
    8 × 3
    8 × 1
    16 inches) excl.
    projecting parts and controls
    Approx. 95.8 g (3.4 oz) incl. battery
    Supplied accessories
    Stereo headphones (1, Vertical-in-the-
    ear type), Belt Clip (1), Arm band (1),
    Mount (1)
    Design and specifications are subject
    to change without notice.
    Installing the Battery
    (See Fig. A)
    1 Open the battery compartment
    lid and install one battery.
    2 Close the lid.
    Battery Life
    (Approx. hours) (EIAJ*)
    FM AM
    Sony alkaline 95 130
    size AA (LR6)
    Sony 35 45
    size AA (R6)
    * Measured value by the standard of EIAJ
    (Electronic Industries Association of
    The battery life may shorten depending
    on the operation of the unit.
    When replacing the battery
    Replace the battery when the sound
    becomes weak or distorted. Remove
    the old battery and insert a new one.
    Notes on Battery
    Insert the battery with correct
    The battery can not be charged.
    Remove the battery when the unit is
    not to be used for a long time.
    Should any battery leakage occur,
    wipe the battery case well and
    install a new battery.
    Playing the radio
    (See Fig. B)
    1 Connect the supplied
    headphones to i
    (headphones) jack.
    2 Set the POWER switch to ON
    to turn on the radio.
    3 Select the BAND.
    DX : for FM reception, normally
    set it to DX.
    LOCAL :if a very strong signal
    causes noise, set it to
    AM : for AM reception.
    4 Adjust the volume with VOL.
    5 Tune in the desired station.
    To turn off the radio
    Set the POWER switch to OFF.
    To improve the reception
    FM : The headphones cord serves as
    the antenna, so extend it as long as
    AM : A ferrite bar antenna is built into
    the radio for AM reception. Rotate the
    radio horizontally for optimum
    Using the AVLS function
    When the AVLS selector (see fig.
    B-a) is set to either position 1 or 2,
    (around 95 dB, 85 dB respectively) the
    volume will be kept at a moderate
    level without degradation of the sound
    quality, even if you attempt to turn the
    volume up higher.
    When the AVLS selector is turned off,
    you will be able to enjoy the full
    volume capability of your radio.
    Attaching to your belt
    (See Fig. C)
    Use the belt clip when attaching the
    unit to your belt.
    To attach the belt clip, see fig. C-a.
    To detach the belt clip, see fig. C-b.
Sony SRF-86

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