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Insert the Install CD into your
CD-ROM drive
1. Insert the Install CD.
2. Wait for the Maxtor screen to appear.
3. Follow the on-screen instructions to install
drivers, the Maxtor OneTouch feature, and
Retrospect software. For details, refer to
Chapter 2 in the User’s Guide.
4. After completing installation, eject the CD.
FireWire USB
Maxtor OneTouch
*The USB model does not support the 1394 interface.
The combo model may also be connected with the USB
© 2003 Maxtor Corporation.
Set up the OneTouch feature
Push the button and follow the on-screen
instructions to configure this feature. For details,
refer to the Setting Up the Maxtor OneTouch
Feature in Chapter 2 of the User’s Guide.
Connect the drive to your computer*
Plug in the power adapter, turn the power switch on
and plug in either the USB cable or the 1394 cable
(depending on which model you have). For details,
refer to the Connecting the Drive section
in Chapter 2 of the User’s Guide.
Windows 2000 and XP
If you get an error message regarding Administrative
Privileges, refer to chapter 6 of the User’s Guide.
Windows 98SE and 1394* interface
You must install Microsoft’s 98SE Storage Supplement.
For details, refer to chapter 2 of the User’s Guide.
Drive can only operate using one interface at a time.
Allow up to 2 minutes for your
computer to recognize the drive.
Easy 1-2-3 Setup for Proper Installation
For Windows
Installation without Retrospect™
If you wish to only install your drive without Retrospect, you
can choose the ‘Custom Install’ option to install the Maxtor
software only. For more information, go to Chapter 2 in the
User’s Guide.
Note: The Maxtor OneTouch feature will not work unless
you install Retrospect.
Maxtor P/N: 20245300
Attention Windows Users!
Your Maxtor OneTouch drive has been
programmed to automatically spin down after
1 hour of inactivity to minimize the power
consumption of the drive. To change the period
of time of inactivity, please refer to Using the
Maxtor OneTouch Utility in Chapter 3 of the
User's Guide for instructions on using the
Maxtor OneTouch Utility for Windows.

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