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  • 1. Important safety information
    1.1. Safety
    Respect all maintenance advice, safety precautions and instructions recommended in this user booklet for your
    safety and to prolong the working life of the equipment.
    The exclamation mark within a triangle is intended to tell the user about important operating and ser-
    vicing instructions.
    The lightning flash with an arrowhead within a triangle is intended to tell the user that parts inside
    the product are an electric shock hazard.
    Safety regulations
    This LCD TV is a class 1 appliance; it MUST be connected to an electrical wall socket equipped
    with an earth.
    This LCD TV is designed to function:
    with a 220-240 V, 50 Hz, AC (alternating current) network,
    at an ambient temperature between +5°C and +35°C,
    in areas with humidity less than 85%.
    This LCD TV uses high voltages. Never attempt to access the interior of the device.
    Only suitably qualified persons are authorised to do this.
    Do not open or dismantle this product, as this will expose you to risk of electrocution.
    Never use your TV if it is damaged in any way. If you break the LCD glass, avoid any contact with
    bare hands. Always place your TV on a flat level surface avoiding anywhere that may be subject to
    It is advisable to unplug the power supply, and the aerial antenna during an thunder storm.
    Do not allow your TV to be exposed to rain, moisture and dust. If any liquid is spilt into your TV it
    can cause serious damage. If you spill any liquid into your TV switch it off at the mains immediate-
    ly. Contact your store.
    Do not place your TV on or near appliances, which may cause electromagnetic interference. If you
    do, it may adversely affect the working of the unit, and cause a distorted picture or sound.
    Avoid extremes of temperature, either hot or cold, place your TV well away from heat sources such
    as radiators or gas/electric fire.
    The TV must be well ventilated. Do not cover your TV or position in a small confined space. It is
    recommended that you leave a 10cm gap all around your TV.
    Do not remove any fixed covers as this may expose dangerous voltage.
    Do not leave your TV in standby for long periods of time e.g. while on holiday.
    1. Important safety information 2
    1.1. Safety 2
    1.2. Maintenance 3
    2. Overview of the LCD TV 4
    2.1. Unpacking 4
    2.2. Inserting the remote control batteries 4
    2.3. Connecting power 5
    3. First installation 5
    3.1. Product functions 5
    4. Remote control 7
    5. Getting started 8
    5.1 Basic connections 8
    5.1.1. RF IN port 9
    5.1.2. COMPONENT port 9
    5.1.3. SCART ports 9
    5.1.4. AV4S input 10
    5.1.5. AV4 input 10
    5.1.6. MULTIMEDIA port 10
    5.1.7. HEADPHONE port 10
    5.1.8. Hi-Fi OUTPUT port 11
    6. Inserting memory flash cards 11
    7. Using the OSD menus 12
    7.1. Changing picture settings 12
    7.2. Changing PC settings 13
    7.2.1 PC mode 13
    7.3. Changing audio settings 14
    7.3.1. Advanced settings 14
    7.4. Changing system settings 15
    7.4.1. Protection 15
    7.5. Channel search 16
    7.5.1. Auto search 16
    7.5.2. Manual search 16
    7.5.3. Program edit 17
    7.5.4. Sort 17
    7.6. Source edit 18
    7.6.1. Scart sources auto 18
    7.6.2. Naming 18
    7.6.3. Source enable/disable 19
    7.6.4. Video noise reduction 19
    7.6.5. PIP/PAP 19
    8. Diagnosing trouble shooting 20
    9. Technical characteristics 21
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