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  • Quick Reference Copy Guide
    cPlease put this guide above your machineg
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    Chapter references in this guide refer to the bundled OI CD; Copy/ Document Server and Paper Specifications and Adding Paper.
    A See if original is 1-sided or 2-sided (duplex).
    B Press [Other Func.].
    C Press [Duplex] or [Combine].
    D Select the original and copy types and/or the orientation.
    E Select the paper tray.
    F Place the originals, and then press the {Start} key.
    1-Sided 2-Sided
    Copies two 1-sided pages
    on one 2-sided page.
    2-Sided 2-Sided
    Copies one 2-sided page on
    one 2-sided page.
    1-sided Combine
    Copies multiple 1-sided or
    2-sided originals on one side
    of copy paper.
    2-sided Combine
    Copies multiple 1-sided
    originals on two sides of
    copy paper.
    Copies multiple 2-sided
    originals on two sides of
    copy paper.
    For more functions on Combine, see “Basic Copying”, Copy/
    Document Server.
    A Press the {Home} key on the top left of the control panel,
    and press the [Copier] icon on the [Home] screen.
    B Press the {Reset} key.
    C Select the paper tray.
    D Place the originals.
    Exposure Glass
    (Face down)
    Auto Document
    Feeder (Face up)
    E Make desired settings.
    F Enter the number of copies.
    G Press the {Start} key.
    Paper Size
    You can check the paper size using the scale
    on the exposure glass.
    Auto Image Density
    Dark texture originals will be copied so that background will
    not be reproduced.
    Auto Paper Select
    Selects a suitable size of paper automatically.
    Use Paper Tray Settg
    The machine scans the originals based on the size and
    orientation of the paper loaded in the selected tray. You do not
    have to specify the size and orientation of the originals.
    Paper SizePaper Size
    How to make Copies...
    (Placing Originals, Paper Specifications
    and Adding Paper, Basic Copying)
    Zoom: You can specify the reproduction ratio in increments of
    Series Copies
    Separately copies the front and back of a 2-sided original
    onto two sheets.
    Advanced features
    (Basic Copying)
    How to save paper...
    (Basic Copying)
    How to sort your copies...
    A Press [Sort].
    B Enter the number of copy sets.
    C Select the paper tray.
    D Place the originals, and then press the [Start] key.
    Copies are assembled as sets in sequential order..
    Rotate Sort
    Every other copy set is rotated by 90 degrees and delivered to the
    copy tray.
    To specify the Rotate Sort function, specify the settings on the screen
    displayed after pressing [Other Func.].
    Why use it...
    To store often used documents centrally and print on demand.
    To reduce network load.
    How to use in copy mode...
    A Press [Other Func.].
    B Press [
    C Press [Store File].
    D Enter a user name,
    file name, or password
    if necessary.
    E Press [OK] twice.
    F Select the paper tray.
    G Place the originals.
    H Make the scanning settings for the original.
    I Press the {Start} key.
    The machine stores scanned originals in memory and makes
    one set of copies.
    To find your document, press the
    {Home} key on the top left of the control
    panel, and press the [Document Server]
    icon on the [Home] screen.
    For more functions on Document
    Server, see “Document Server”, Copy/ Document Server.
    (Basic Copying)
    Document Server
    A Select a color mode.
    How to select a color mode...
    (Color Copying)
    *The shape of the machine, screen displays, procedures, and titles
    in references vary depending on the machine you are using. Also,
    not all functions are available on all machines.
    1. {Home} key
    Press to display the [Home] screen.
    2. Function keys
    No functions are registered to the
    function keys as a factory default. You can
    register often used functions, programs,
    and Web pages.
    3. Display panel
    4. {Reset} key
    Press to clear the current settings.
    5. {Program} key
    Press to register frequently used
    settings, or to recall registered
    6. Main power indicator
    7. {Energy Saver} key
    8. {Login/Logout} key
    9. {User Tools/Counter} key
    10. {Simple Screen} key
    11. {#} key (Enter key)
    12. {Start} key
    Press to start copying, printing,
    scanning, or sending.
    13. {Clear} key
    Press to delete a number entered.
    14. {Stop} key
    Press to stop a job in progress,
    such as copying, scanning,
    faxing, or printing.
    15. Number keys
    16. {Check Status} key
    17. Media access lamp
    18. Media slots
    (Basic Copying)
    Auto Reduce/Enlarge
    A Specify the original size and orientation.
    B Press [Auto Reduce/Enlarge].
    C Select the paper tray.
    Place the originals, and then press the {Start} key.
    Preset Reduce/Enlarge
    A Press [Red./Enlg.].
    Select a ratio, and then press [OK].
    C Select the paper tray.
    D Place the originals, and then press the {Start} key.
    How to Reduce/Enlarge...
    (Basic Copying)
    Simple Screen
    When you press the {Simple Screen} key, the screen changes
    to the simple screen. Letters and keys are displayed at a larger
    size, making operations easier.
    Only the main functions can be used.
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