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    Users manual
    The mini LAN cable tester complies with CE
    safety standard, compact size and lightweight
    design for easy detection of good connections,
    opens, crossed wires & split pairs by only one
    touch testing. Traces wires with tone. Remote
    lights allow one person operation. Additional
    non-contact voltage detection provides user
    safety. Ideal for testing installed cables or
    patch cords with RJ-45, RJ-11, RJ12 and
    BNC connectors.
    Read all instruction in this manual before
    using this tester. Failure to do so may result
    in damage to the tester or injury to the user.
    2. Do not use this tester with its case open, or
    with parts removed. Doing so may damage
    the tester and/or injure the user.
    3. When using this tester in schools and
    workshops, responsible teachers or skilled
    personnel must control the usage of this
    tester. Failure to observe this precaution
    may result in damage to the tester or injury
    to the user.
    4. Follow the recommendations of any Trade
    Organizations or Regulatory Agencies
    whose scope encompasses the use of this
    tester failure to do so may result in damage
    to the tester or injury to the user.
    5. Repairs and maintenance must only be
    carried out by qualified service personnel or
    qualified electricians/technicians who know
    the dangers of.
    6. Do not apply voltage or current to any of the
    tester’s connectors. Doing so may damage
    the tester and /or injury the user.
    7. Remove the battery when the tester not in
    use for longer than a month. Chemical
    leakage from the battery could damage the
    1. Complies with CE safety standard
    2. Automatically detect good connections,
    opens, crossed wires & split pairs
    3. Simple one button test
    4. LEDs indicate connections and faults
    5. Tests shielded (STP)or unshielded(UTP)
    LAN cables
    6. BNC cable indicator
    7. Non-contact voltage detection for user
    8. Long cable test more than 300 meters
    9. Low power consumption with auto power
    off function to preserve battery.
    1. Cables Tested: UTP and STP LAN cables
    Terminated in RJ-45 male connectors. (EIA/
    TIA 568)RJ-11, RJ-12 cables with male
    connectors, 2 to 6 connectors installed.
    BNC cables with male connectors.
    2. Faults Indicated: No Connection, Short,
    Straight, and Crossover.
    3. Low Battery Indicator: LED lights different
    colors to indicate low battery
    4. NCV detection for AC60V~240V 60Hz
    5. Case Dimens ions:100*60*24.5mm(LxWxH)
    6. Weight:120g (without battery)
    7. Battery: 12V battery. AE23
    1. BNC connector
    2. Non-contact voltage
    3. Power/sound on/off switch
    4. RJ-45/RJ-11/12 connector
    5. Auto / manual NCV switch
    6. One touch push button
    7. RJ-45/RJ-11/12 connector
    BNC Terminator
    Instruction Manual
    Pouch Bag
    1. The MAIN and REMOTE unit:
    The Mini LAN Cable Tester consists of a
    main unit and a remote unit. The remote
    unit stores conveniently on the bottom of
    the main unit. It can be removed or
    replaced by sliding it from left to right or
    right to left respectively.
    2. Performing the test:
    Once the remote and main units are
    attached to the ends of the subject cable,
    as described in 3.2 and 3.3, testing may
    begin, simply press and release the test
    button on the main unit, observe the LED
    indicators, and note the beeping sound that
    comes from the main unit.
    3. Interpreting the results:
    3.1 Power LED:
    The power LED should lights up
    whenever the test button is pressed and
    released. If the power LED turns red,
    replace the battery. The power LED
    also indicate the test result, it will turn
    red, except wire in “Straight” condition
    will turn green
    3.2 No connection LED
    If the remote is not connected to the
    main unit with a cable, or the cable has
    no intake conductors, the no connection
    LED will light up and the beeper will
    sound for 4 times.
    3.3 Straight/Crossover LED
    When all of the appropriate numbered
    LEDs light up, the straight or
    LED also lights up, and the beeper
    sounds for 4 times (8P8C 3 times), it
    means the cable is all correct connection. If
    some of the LEDs do not light up, but
    others light up, and the straight LED also
    lights up, it means the cable is open.
    If some of the LEDs light up inconsistently,
    and the straight LED also lights up, it
    means the cable may be misconnected.
    Please check in turn of lighted LED of
    remote unit to identify which wires are
    misconnected or change left side switch to
    “Step” become manual function to check
    the misconnection status step by step.
    1/12 cables may have 2 conductors, 4
    conductors, or 6 conductors. When testing 2
    conductor cables, LED 4 ~ 5 must light up, for
    4 conductor cables, LED 3~ 6 must light up
    and for 6 conductor cables, LED 2~7 must
    light up, and “STRAIGHT” LED also lights up.
    The numbered LEDs do not indicate a good
    connection exists; only shows connection
    exists. If “Short” LED lights up during test, it
    means the shorted was found in the cable.
    .4 Short LED
    If 3 & 4 LEDs lights up, and all other
    LEDs do not light up, the cable is
    shorted; the “short” LED will light up.
    3.5 Crossover LED
    Numbered 1~8 LEDs will light up, and
    “Crossover” LED also lights up. Means
    wiring one end with 568-A standard,
    and the other end with 568-B standard
    4. BNC testing:
    Numbered LEDs will light up during
    scanning, after scanning, both LEDs of
    BNC on the main unit and the BNC receiver
    will light up. If the BNC cable is short, only
    the LED of BNC on the main unit lights up;
    if the BNC cable is open, both LEDs of BNC
    on the main unit and the receiver won’t light
    and “no connection” LED will light up..
    Non-contact Voltage Detection:
    Set the left side switch to the NCV position
    and the right side switch to the Sound On
    position. As the antenna is located at the
    right top of the tester, close right top of the
    tester to the live wires, the LEDs of NCV
    will flash with sound.
    e put the tester as close as
    possible to surface of tested
    source for optima testing result.
Pro'sKit MT-7058

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Brend Pro'sKit
Model MT-7058
Proizvod Kabel za računala i priključke
Jezik Engels, Chinees
Vrsta datoteke PDF
Težina i dimenzije
Dimenzije (ŠxDxV) 60 x 24.5 x 100 mm
Tehničke pojedinosti
Podržani poveznici RJ-11,RJ-45
Boja proizvoda Green,White
LED indikatori Da
Radni napon 12 V