Nite Icon-215 Automatic priručnik

  • Strap fitting/options
    The Icon models can be fitted with a leather strap, polymer strap, one-piece webbing or a
    stainless steel bracelet
    With a 22mm lug width and 22mm spring bar fixing, straps are easily interchangeable using a
    forked spring bar tool. Many 22mm aftermarket straps are also compatible*
    The Icon straps exclusively available through can be found here:
    The stainless-steel bracelet can be adjusted in length by adding or removing links and by also
    using the 3-micro adjustment on the buckle part of the strap.
    Taking care of your automatic watch
    Your automatic watch utilises a combination of intricate components working in unison to
    translate the motion of the wearer into stored energy to power the movement truly
    connecting the timepiece with its owner.
    Daily wear will ensure your automatic watch operates at optimum performance. Where
    required you may wish to consider the purchase of a watch winder.
    We recommend that you have your automatic watch serviced every five years. Regular
    maintenance will ensure your watch remains clean and well lubricated, providing a lifetime of
    *Nite Watches accept no responsibility with the sizing and fitting of any aftermarket straps.
    If you have any questions about the Icon Automatic series then please email us on

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