Monacor ELAX-2812BPTZ

Monacor ELAX-2812BPTZ priručnik

  • Mini PTZ Camera
    Packing details
    Camera 1 PCS
    1 PCS
    Details NO
    2.1 Cable interface
    4IN1 Bullet PTZ Camera support with UTC (Video coaxial
    control) ,support with 4 video mode output
    (AHD ,TVI ,CVI ,CVBS ) , setting via DIP Switch
    You can refer to the following figure for multiple function
    combination cable informationSee Figure 2-1. there might
    be some differences among different serial products
    2-2 Cable function explain
    2-1 Cable Draft
    Power connector
    input DC 12V Power
    DIP Switch
    Video connector
    Setting mode with video
    NO Connector Function
    Equipment connect
    Quick installation guide
    Important Safety Notices
    Document describes unpacking inspection device structures
    installation and quick configuration tool in details
    Signal instruction
    These symbols may appear with meanings as following
    The following contents are specification for using the
    devices correctly please read these notices and warnings
    carefully and obey while using it
    1.1 Power
    1.2 Environment
    All installation and operation here should conform to your
    local electrical safety codes
    Only use a regulated 12 V power supply unit with a
    minimum rating of 2 A.
    Please protect power cable being trampled or squeezed
    especially in the socket, and exit Junction
    Avoid focusing on highlight (such as the sun or lights),
    otherwise it may cause over explosion phenomenon (this is
    not device's problem) or may damage camera's
    Please transport, use and store the camera under allowable
    temperate and humidityrange. Do not put the device under
    wet, dusty extremely hot or cold, strong electromag
    netic radiation or unstable lighting conditions etc.
    Prevent water or other liquid falling into the camera.
    Please keep the ventilation around the device.
    No heavy stress, violent vibration or water splash are
    allowed during the transportationand storage.
    When transporting the camera, it should use company
    packing or use same quality ma terial packing.
    Thunder-proof device is recommended to be adopted
    for preventing thunder better.
    Special explanation
    1.3 Operation and maintenance
    Do not dismantle the camera since no components inside
    which can be repaired by users.
    Do not touch the CMOS optic component directly you can
    use the blower to clean the dust on the lens surface If
    necessary, please gently clean the dust with dry clothwhich
    is slightly wet with alcohol.
    Please use soft cloth to clean the device. For heavy dirt,
    please put little detergent on thecloth to clean and dry. Do
    not use volatile solvent, such as Alcohol, Benzene or Diluent-
    sor irritant and abrasiveness cleanser to clean the device.
    Otherwise, it will damage the device or weaken camera
    working performance.
    The material of front cover is optic component please do not
    touch or clean the surface directly. For cleaning, please
    use professional optical cleaning method Inadaptable
    cleaning method (e. g. cleaning directly with cloth ) may
    result in a harmful effect on theinfrared function of the
    Be sure to use all the accessories recommended by
    manufacturer and theinstallation and repairs should be
    conducted by professionals.
    Please make sure the CMOS component is out of
    the radiation of laser beam devices. Otherwise it may result
    in damage on the component.
    Because our company continuously adopts new technolo-
    gies product parameterschange without prior notice. Some
    function of products may have slight differenceafter the
    For receiving the latest procedures and additiona linstruction
    document please contact the company s customer service
    If there are any problems while using the camera, please feel
    free to contact the supplier or the company's customer
    service department.
    Because of the real environment and other unstable factors,
    some data may be differ-ent with instruction guide. If there
    are any questions and disputes please regard the
    Company's final explanation as the criterion.
    Please follow instruction guide, we are not liable for any
    problems caused byman-made damage
    This manual is for reference only. slight difference may be
    found in users interface
    1.1 Checking Steps
    When user received the bullet PTZ Camera, please check
    whether it has obviously damage on the appearance of
    equipment Packing material can stand accidental Crash on
    transport. Please open the package and check all the
    components are included. Please reference the following
    1.2 Accessories
    Be sure to use all the accessories recommended by manufac-
    Checking Box

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Specifikacije proizvoda

Brend Monacor
Model ELAX-2812BPTZ
Proizvod Sigurnosna kamera
EAN []
Jezik Engleski
Vrsta datoteke PDF
Veličina Bullet
Boja proizvoda Bijelo
Tip montaže Ceiling/Wall
Tip IP sigur✗sna kamera
Podržane opcije postavljanja U zatvore✗m i na otvorenom
Tehnologija povezivanja Žiča✗ i bežično
Kontrola širenja, povećanja i nagiba (PTZ)
Dnevni/noćni režim rada
Ethernet LAN veza
Optički sustav
Fokusna daljina 2.8 - 12mm
Optički zum 4x
Broj leća 1
Noćni vid
Noćno snimanje
Broj LED dioda za osvjetljenje 6
Udaljenost za noćno snimanje 25m
Vrsta LE dioda IC
Maksimalna razlučivost 1920 x 1080pikseli
Ukupno megapiksela 2MP
Podržani video načini 1080p
Maskiranje privatnosti
Naknada za pozadinsko osvjetljenje
Digitalni široki dinamički raspon (DWDR)
Sadržaj ambalaže
Broj kamera 1
Raspon pomicanja 0 - 180°
Brzina pomicanja 20°/sec
Raspon kuta nagiba 0 - 55°
Brzina nagibanja 10°/sec
Kontrola panela kamere
Kontrola nagiba kamere
Minimalno osvjetljenje 0.01luksa
Senzor za sliku
Broj senzora 1
Tip senzora CMOS
Veličina optičkog senzora 1/2.9
Detekcija pokreta
Vrsta napajanja DC
Izlazni napon istosmjerne struje 12
Izlazna istosmjerna struja 0.8A
Radni uvjeti
Raspon radne temperature (T-T) 0 - 50°C
Težina i dimenzije
Promjer 68mm
Dubina 168mm
Težina 385g
Priključci i sučelja
BNC izlazni priključci 1
Ugrađeni tvrdi disk

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