Midland M99 Plus

Midland M99 Plus priručnik

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    Congratulations on your purchase!
    The family of radio M24 Plus, M48 Plus and M99 Plus
    are PMR 446 transceiver which may be used, without li-
    cense, all over Europe. Please consult the “Restrictions
    on the use” charts for information regarding country
    specic limitations.
    Main features:
    Freq. 446.00625 ÷ 446.09375 MHz
    M24 Plus: 24 channels (8+16 pre-programmed)
    M48 Plus: 48 channels (8+16 pre-programmed)
    M99 Plus: 99 channels (8+16 pre-programmed)
    38 CTCSS-Sub-Tones
    Power: 500 mW ERP
    VOX sensitivity adjustable in 2 levels
    Battery pack: 600mAh 4,8V NiMH
    Alphanumeric LCD Display
    Battery life up to 12 hours
    Operating temperature –20° +55°
    Weight 95 gr (batteries excluded)
    Size 58x160x28 mm
    Jack MIC CHG: 2 pins for audio accessories, wall
    Specications are subject to change without notice.
    Content model M24 Plus
    2 transceivers with 24 channels
    2 belt clips
    Instruction manual
    Content model M48 Plus
    2 transceivers with 48 channels
    2 belt clips
    2 600mAh rechargeable battery packs
    2 headsets
    wall adaptor double plug
    Instruction manual
    Content model M99 Plus
    2 transceivers with 99 channels
    2 belt clips
    2 600mAh rechargeable battery packs
    1 double desktop charger
    wall adaptor
    2 “professional” headsets
    2 carry cases with neck collars
    Instruction manual
    The maximum range depends on terrain condition and
    is obtained during use in an open space.
    The only limitation to maximum possible range are en-
    vironmental factors such as blockage caused by trees,
    buildings, or other obstructions. Inside a car or a metallic
    constructions, the range can be reduced. Normally the
    coverage in the city, with buidings or other obstructions
    is about 1 or 2 Km. In open space but with obstructions
    like trees, leafs or houses the maximum possible range
    is about 4-6 Km. In open space, without obstructions
    and in sight, like for example in mountain, the coverage
    can be more that 10 Km.
    Battery and battery compartment
    The transceiver accepts the rechargeable battery pack
    (included only in the M48 Plus and M99 Plus models)
    or 4AAA alkaline/ rechargeable batteries. To open the
    battery compartment, hold the unit face down and un-
    hook the battery holder in the lower part of the radio and
    gently slide the cover.
    Attention: the battery pack provided with the M48 Plus
    and M99 Plus models, must be recharged before the
    rst use (see the section “Recharging” for more info).
    Midland M24 Plus, M48 Plus e M99 Plus

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