KEF Reference 209 priručnik

KEF Reference 209
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Thank you for purchasing KEF Reference Series
loudspeakers. These have been designed to
faithfully reproduce high quality sound over many
years of use and should provide realistic
reproduction of music and speech. Please take a
little time to read these instructions prior to use.
Your KEF Reference Loudspeakers are tall,
slim and extremely heavy. Installed correctly on
a smooth, level surface, your loudspeakers
should be entirely safe to listen to and to
live with.
However, if you have small children, large pets,
the infirm, uneven flooring or unusually thick
carpeting in your home, then correct adjustment
of the foot assemblies is imperative, if safe,
stable operation is to be achieved.
Warning: The metal tweeter dome now has
protective mesh at the centre of the Uni-Q
driver array; if however this is compromised and
the dome itself is dented, it will permanently
impair performance.

1. Avoid temperature extremes.

2. Avoid damp.

3. Avoid direct sunlight.

4. Clean with the KEF cloth provided.

5. Do not use spirit based cleaners.

If you are at all uncertain about setting up, operating or caring for your system

your dealer will be pleased to assist you.

1. Read this manual carefully, especially the
safety information, before attempting to
assemble and operate the system.
2. Follow the unpacking and assembly
instructions on the cartons. Please note that
lifting the heavier Model 207/2 and Model
204/2c requires two able-bodied persons.
3. Never connect the system directly to the
electricity supply.
4. Trailing cables are dangerous. Ensure all
cables are secure and tidy.
5. When stripping cables use only tools
designed specifically for the purpose ie:
correct wire cutters or cable strippers.
Do not attempt to strip cables with a knife as
this could result in serious injury.

Important Safety Information

General Care of your System

Part No.: 290201E
Issue 2: January 2007
KEF Reference 209

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Značajke proizvoda Reference 209 trgovačke marke KEF

Brend KEF
Model Reference 209
Proizvod Niskofrekvencijski zvučnik
Jezik Engleski
Vrsta datoteke PDF
Niskofrekvencijski zvučnik
Tip subwoofera Aktivni subwoofer
RMS snaga subwoofer-a 1000 W
Frekvencijski raspon subwoofera 15 - 250 Hz
Osjetljivost subwoofera 120 dB
Promjer drivera subwoofera 450 mm
Promjer drivera niskotonskog zvučnika (imperijalne mjere) 18 "
Magnetski zaštićeno Da
Boja proizvoda Višnja
Vrsta napajanja AC
Težina i dimenzije
Širina subwoofera 629 mm
Dubina subwoofera 629 mm
Visina subwoofera 530 mm
Težina subwoofera 72400 g
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