JBL JRX218S priručnik

  • JRX218S
    Key Features:
    18 in compact subwoofer.
    350 W (continuous), 1400 W
    (peak) power capacity.
    The rugged enclosure is
    constructed from 19 mm
    (.75 in) MDF (Medium Density
    Fiberboard) using advanced
    adhesives and mechanical
    fastener technology for
    durability and improved low-
    frequenc y performance. The
    enclosure is covered in black
    carpe t.
    A top mounted, cast aluminum
    36 mm pole mount receptacle
    can receive an optional SS3BK
    pole to facilitate use of the
    JRX218S as a base for a
    midhigh speaker cabine t.
    Non-resonant, all steel handles
    are used.
    Attractive 18-gauge hexagon
    perforated steel grille protects
    components from damage.
    The JRX218S is an 18" compact
    direct-radiation subwoofer
    designed to supplement and
    extend low frequency
    performance of full-range systems
    in live sound and music playback
    The JRX218S is driven by a
    massive JBL 18" woofer with a
    stamped steel frame and 3" voice-
    coil. It’s rated at 350 watts
    (continuous) and 1400 watts
    (peak) – based on JBL
    Professional’s 100 hour extended
    life test.
    System Type: 18" compact subwoofer
    4 Frequency Range (-10 dB)
    : 35 Hz – 250 Hz
    2 Frequency Range (-10 dB)
    : 34 Hz – 250 Hz
    4 Frequency Response (±3 dB)
    : 54 Hz – 250 Hz
    2 Frequency Response (±3 dB)
    : 53 Hz – 250 Hz
    Sensitivity (1w/1m): 98 dB
    Nominal Impedance: 4
    Rated Maximum SPL
    : 133 dB peak, @1 m (3.3 ft)
    Power Capacity
    : 350 watts
    Peak Power Capacity
    : 1400 watts
    Recommended Amplifier 350 - 700 watts
    Power: @ 4 ohms
    Dimensions (H x W x D): 605 mm x 508 mm x 551 mm
    (23.8 in x 20.0 in x 21.7 in)
    Net Weight: 32.2 kg (71 lb)
    Shipping Weight: 36.8 kg (81 lb)
    LF Driver: M118-4
    Input Connectors: Neutrik
    NL-4 (x2); parallel
    Enclosure Construction: 19 mm (¾ in) MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) with glued
    and mechanically fastened joint detail; covered in black
    carpet .
    Grille: 18-gauge, powder-coated steel
    Optional Accessory: SS3-BK
    Frequency Range and Frequency Response are based on half-space conditions.
    Calculated half-space (2) performance based upon peak power capacity.
    “Power Capacity” and “Peak Power Capacity” ratings are based on the average and peak power capacity of product
    samples subjected to a 100 hour power test using random noise with a 6 dB crest factor, in accordance with IEC
    JBL continually engages in research related to product improvement. Some materials, production methods and design
    refinements are introduced into existing products without notice as a routine expression of that philosophy. For this
    reason, any current JBL product may differ in some respect from its published description, but will always equal or
    exceed the original design specifications unless otherwise stated.
    18" Compact

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Značajke proizvoda JRX218S trgovačke marke JBL

Brend JBL
Model JRX218S
Proizvod Niskofrekvencijski zvučnik
EAN 0720189177491, 0658700910121, 0798304269741, 0798304269826
Jezik Engleski
Vrsta datoteke PDF
Niskofrekvencijski zvučnik
Tip subwoofera -
RMS snaga subwoofer-a 350W
Frekvencijski raspon subwoofera 34 - 250Hz
Vršna snaga niskotonskog zvučnika 1400W
Osjetljivost subwoofera 98dB
Broj subwoofera 1
Promjer drivera niskotonskog zvučnika (imperijalne mjere) 18
Boja proizvoda Cr✗
Materijal Aluminium, MDF
Težina i dimenzije
Širina subwoofera 508mm
Dubina subwoofera 551mm
Visina subwoofera 605mm
Težina subwoofera 32200g

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Niskofrekvencijski zvučnik JBL