Indesit WIDXXL 126 (EU) priručnik

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Instruction booklet
Installation, 2-3
Unpacking, 2
Remove the transit fixings, 2
Levelling, 2
Water connection, 2
Drainage & connections, 3
The first wash cycle, 3
Technical Details, 3
Washer Dryer description, 4-5
Control panel, 4
LEDs, 5
Starting and programmes, 6
Briefly: starting a programme, 6
Programme table, 6
Personalisation, 7
Setting the temperature, 7
Setting the drying cycle, 7
Options, 7
Table of drying times, 7
Detergents and laundry, 8
Detergent dispenser, 8
Preparing your laundry, 8
Precautions and advice, 9
General safety, 9
Saving energy and respecting the environment, 9
Disposal, 9
Care and Maintenance, 10
Switching off the water or electricity supply, 10
Cleaning, 10
Caring for your appliance door and drum, 10
Checking the water inlet hose, 10
Troubleshooting, 11
Service, 12
Before calling for assistance, 12
Spare Parts, 12
WIDXXL126-GB.p65 10/01/06, 12.001

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