HP Photosmart 6520

HP Photosmart 6520 priručnik

  • *CX017-90090*
    © 2012 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.
    Printed in [English]
    Unpack and power on your printer (see setup flyer), and then follow instructions and animations on the printer
    display to complete the printer setup.
    The Readme file contains HP support contact information, operating system requirements, and the most recent
    updates to your printer information.
    Windows: Insert software CD. On software CD locate ReadMe.chm. Click ReadMe.chm to open and then
    select ReadMe in your language.
    Mac: Insert the software CD, and then double-click the Read Me folder located at the top-level of the software
    Ink Usage
    Ink from the cartridges is used in the printing process in several ways, including in the initialization process,
    which prepares the printer and cartridges for printing, and in the printhead servicing process, which keeps
    print nozzles clear and ink flowing smoothly. In addition, some residual ink is left in the cartridge after it is
    used. For more information, go to: www.hp.com/go/inkusage.
    Electronic Help
    The electronic Help is automatically installed during printer software installation. Electronic Help includes
    instructions on printer features and troubleshooting, with additional links to online content. It also provides
    printer specifications, legal notices, environmental, regulatory, and support information.
    Windows: After software installation, click Start > All Programs > HP > HP Photosmart 6520 series > Help.
    Mac: During software installation, on the screen showing recommended software, select HP Recommended
    Software, and then finish software installation.
    Mac OS X v10.6: Choose Mac Help from Help. In the Help Viewer, click and hold the Home button, and
    then choose the Help for your device.
    Mac OS X v10.7: Choose Help Center from Help, click Help for all your apps, and then choose the Help
    for your device.
    To find the European Union Regulatory Notice statement and compliance information, go to the
    electronic Help, click Appendix > Technical information > Regulatory notices > European Union
    Regulatory Notice. The Declaration of Conformity for this printer is available at the following
    web address: www.hp.eu/certificates.
    Scan to learn about your printer.
    Standard data rates may apply.
    Might not be available in all languages.
    Register your printer
    Get quicker service and support alerts by
    registering at www.register.hp.com.
    No CD/DVD drive?
    For computers without a CD/DVD drive, please go
    to www.hp.com/support to download and install
    the software.
HP Photosmart 6520

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Brend HP
Model Photosmart 6520
Proizvod Pisač
EAN 886112774127
Jezik Engels, Deens, Duits, Spaans, Fins, Frans, Italiaans, Nederlands, Noors, Portugees, Zweeds
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