Harley-Davidson J03893 (2005)

Harley-Davidson J03893 (2005) priručnik

  • -J03893 REV. 2005-08-10
    Kit Number
    This kit fits 1997 and later FLHT/I (Electra Glide
    FLHTC/I (Electra Glide Classic) and FLHTCUI (Ultra Classic
    Electra Glide), and 1998 and later FLTR/I (Road Glide
    Additional Parts Required
    If another accessory is already using the accessory circuit
    connector [4] (under the seat, see Figure 1), the Heated Seat
    Kit will require a Switched Circuit Adapter Harness (Part No.
    70264-94A), available separately from a Harley-Davidson
    Electrical Overload
    It is possible to overload your motorcycle's charging
    system by adding too many electrical accessories. If your
    combined electrical accessories operating at any one time
    consume more electrical current than your vehicle's
    charging system can produce, the electrical consumption
    can discharge the battery and cause vehicle electrical
    system damage. See a Harley-Davidson dealer for advice
    about the amount of current consumed by additional
    electrical accessories, or for necessary wiring changes.
    When installing any electrical accessory, be certain not
    to exceed the maximum amperage rating of the fuse or
    circuit breaker protecting the affected circuit being modi-
    fied. Exceeding the maximum amperage can lead to elec-
    trical failures, which could result in death or serious injury.
    The Heated Seat requires up to 4.2 Amps additional current
    from the electrical system.
    Kit Contents
    Table 1. Kit Contents
    Part NumberDescription (Quantity)
    Not Sold SeparatelyHeated seat
    51479-06Grab strap
    1. For 2006 and later FLHT/I/C/CI/CUI, and ALL FLTR
    a. Follow the instructions in the Owner's Manual to
    remove the left-side and right-side saddlebags
    b. Remove the bolts and flat washers to remove the
    passenger grab strap and saddlebag front mounting
    brackets from the chrome frame tube covers.
    c. Remove the passenger grab strap.
    2. ALL models: Follow the instructions in the Owner's
    Manual to remove the seat.
    To prevent accidental vehicle start-up, which could cause
    death or serious injury, disconnect negative (-) battery
    cable before proceeding. (00048a)
    3. Follow the instructions in the Owner's Manual to remove
    the negative (-) battery cable from the battery.
    4. See Figure 1. Identify and remove the plug from the
    accessory circuit connector [4] in front of the battery.
    Figure 1. Accessory Circuit Connector [4] (2004 and Later
    5. Locate the heated seat connector on the underside of the
    heated seat.
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