Harley-Davidson J02997 (2003)

Harley-Davidson J02997 (2003) priručnik

    These kits fit models equipped with H-D
    KING Windshields
    without handlebar-mounted gauges.
    Kit number 58904-03 is a windshield bag accented with
    Harley-Davidson script.
    A Service Manual for your model motorcycle is available
    from any Harley Davidson Dealer.
    Additional weight can affect motorcycle stability, handling
    characteristics, and safe operating speed. Do not exceed 2.0
    lbs. (.9Kg) maximum load. Evenly distribute weight between
    each pouch. Improper loading can cause vehicle handling
    problems leading to death or serious injury.
    1. Remove the acorn nuts from the inside-center, left and
    right on the horizontal windshield bracket.
    2. Apply protective tape strips to the horizontal windshield
    bracket to protect chrome finish.
    2. Place windshield bag and bracket with eyelets over
    screws in the horizontal windshield bracket. Mark the
    location of the vertical supports for correct placement of
    the rubber bumpers to protect the bottom of the bag
    bracket. Place two bumpers each at the marked
    locations of the vertical windshield supports.
    3. Align the metal brace with the eyelets, to fit snugly onto
    the windshield horizontal bracket screws.
    4. Fasten the acorn nuts removed in step 1 onto the
    screws through the eyelets under the windshield bag.
    Torque the nut to 90–110 in-lbs (10.2–12.4 Nm).
    The brace under the bottom of the windshield bag conforms
    to the contour of the windshield bracket as the acorn nuts
    are torqued.
    To keep this surface in the best condition, lightly wipe with a
    Harley-Davidson Micro Fiber cloth, part number 94663-02,
    using clear water or a mild Harley-Davidson cleaner such as:
    • Sunwash (part number 94659-98),
    • Bug Remover (part number 94657-98) or
    • Harley Gloss (part number 94627-98).
    These cleaners are available separately or as part of the Harley
    Care Starter Kit, part number 94671-99 from any Harley
    Davidson Dealer.
    Kit Numbers 58904-03
    Figure 1. Bottom of Fairing Pouch
    Bracket eyelets
    Figure 2. Fairing Clip Attachment, Side View
    Pouch bracket
    Item Description Part Number
    1 Leather Pouch Not sold separately
    2 Bumpers, rubber Not sold separately
    3Protective tape Not sold separately
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