Harley-Davidson J02994 (2003)

Harley-Davidson J02994 (2003) priručnik

    REV. 10-10-2003
    This “Harley-Davidson script”-style shifter-linkage cover kit
    fits 1997 and later FXDWG (Dyna Wide Glide
    ) model motor-
    cycles. This kit also fits 1993 and later Dyna models
    equipped with Forward Control Kit 49080-03.
    A Service Manual for your model motorcycle is available
    from any Harley-Davidson dealer.
    1. See the Service Parts illustration. Obtain an upper mount-
    ing bracket (2), lower mounting bracket (3), two 1/2-inch
    long screws and the Allen wrench (6) from the kit.
    2. See Figure 1. Assemble the upper and lower mounting
    brackets onto the shaft of the ball screw shell at one
    end of the shifter rod (1), between the ball screw (3) and
    the jam nut (2) so the shaft passes above the three
    holes in the brackets.
    Insert the two screws in the outboard holes of the lower
    bracket, and use the Allen wrench to thread them part
    way into the holes in the upper bracket. Do not fully
    tighten the screws at this time.
    3. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 at the other end of the shifter rod.
    4. Position the linkage cover (1) on top of the linkage and
    examine the fit.
    If the cover fits properly, proceed to Step 8.
    If the center holes in the front and rear upper mounting
    brackets cannot be adjusted to line up with the holes
    on the inboard side of the cover, the linkage will need
    to be adjusted to accept the cover. Proceed to Step 5.
    5. See Figure 1 (below) and SHIFTER LINKAGE
    ADJUSTMENT in the Service Manual. To adjust the
    length of the linkage, remove the link attaching nut (5)
    and flat washer at the forward ball screw.
    6. Loosen the jam nut (2) at the front end of the shifter rod,
    and remove the mounting bracket installed in Step 3.
    Rotate the forward ball screw shell to achieve the prop-
    er length to allow mounting of the cover.
    7. Re-attach the ball screw to the shifter lever with the flat
    washer and nut removed in Step 5. Torque the nut on
    the ball stud to 70-90 in-lbs (7.9-10.2 Nm).
    Torque the jam nut on the shifter rod to 20-24 ft-lbs
    (27.1-32.5 Nm).
    8. Fasten the rear of the cover (1) to the rear upper bracket
    using a short screw (5) from the kit. Fasten the front of
    the cover to the front bracket with the remaining screw.
    Tighten the cover securely to the upper brackets.
    Position the cover upright over the shifter rod, and tight-
    en the four remaining screws to clamp the brackets
    securely to the ball screw shells.
    9. If the linkage needed adjustment (Steps 5 through 7),
    the position of the shift foot lever (6) may have
    To return the lever to the original position, loosen the
    socket head screw (7) holding the lever to the shaft. Pull
    the lever from the shaft, rotate to the desired angle and
    slide the lever back onto the shaft.
    Torque the screw to 18-22 ft-lbs (24.4-29.8 Nm).
    Kit Number 33878-04
    1 of 2
    Figure 1. Stock Shifter Linkage
    1. Shifter rod
    2. Jam nut (2)
    3. Ball screw shell (2)
    4. Shifter lever
    5. Link attaching nut
    6. Shift foot lever
    7. Socket screw

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