Harley-Davidson J00839 (2001)

Harley-Davidson J00839 (2001) priručnik

    REV. 7-3-01
    This kit is designed for installation on all 1991 and later FXD
    Dyna Glide model vehicles (except FXDS-CONV, FXDXT)
    and 1996 and later FXDWG Dyna Wide Glide models. This
    kit does not fit with detachable sideplates.
    2000 and 2001 FXDX models require separate purchase of
    hardware kit part number 90272-00.
    2002 and later models require separate purchase of two
    directionals, part number 68425-01 (domestic) or 68420-01
    See the Service Parts illustration for kit contents.
    A Service Manual is needed to install this kit. The rider's
    safety depends upon the correct installation of this kit. If
    the procedure is not within your capabilities or you do
    not have the correct tools, have your Harley-Davidson
    dealer perform the installation. Improper installation of
    this kit could result in death or serious
    injury. Installation – 1991 to 2001 Models
    A Service Manual for your vehicle is available at your local
    Harley-Davidson dealer.
    Installation – 1991 to 2001 Models
    To protect against shock and accidental start-up of vehi-
    cle, disconnect the battery cables, negative cable first,
    before proceeding. Inadequate safety precautions could
    result in death or serious injury.
    Always disconnect the negative battery cable first. If the
    positive battery cable should contact ground with the
    negative cable installed, the resulting sparks may cause
    a battery explosion which could result in death or seri-
    ous injury.
    1. Remove lens from rear directional housing on right side
    of vehicle. Remove bulb from directional housing
    2. 1991 – 1998 models only: See Figure 2. Trace right
    directional wire routing along underside of rear fender.
    Remove cable strap located on topside of rear fender
    near the rubber grommet. Gently pull wire rearward
    along underside of fender and into directional housing
    to allow for additional length of wire within directional
    3. 1999 – 2001 models only: Cut wire within directional
    housing about 3/4 in. away from point where wire enters
    directional housing support. From underside of rear
    fender, withdraw end of wire that is within directional
    housing support.
    4. 1992 and earlier models only:
    a. Remove (by turning counterclockwise) right
    rear directional housing and lockwasher from its
    b. Remove the locknut and flat washer, from
    underside of rear fender, securing the right-rear
    directional housing support. Remove the
    directional-housing support from the right-rear
    fender support. Discard original directional housing
    support. Save mounting nut and washer.
    5. 1993 and later models only: Remove and discard 5/16
    in. bolt and star washer securing rear directional to
    fender. Bolt and washer are located on inside of fender.
    6. Remove the button-head screw and flat washer from
    middle of right-rear fender support. Discard screw; save
    flat washer.
    7. See Figure 1. Install lockwasher and right-rear
    directional housing onto short threaded end (5/16-23 x
    3/8 in.) of one rear-directional housing support from kit.
    Tighten securely. Take care to avoid scratching or
    marring component chrome finish.
    8. 1993 and later models only: Install chrome snap cap
    in fender-strut hole previously used for directional wire.
    9. Position right saddlebag support bar from kit to right
    rear fender support. Insert long threaded end of rear
    directional housing support (now part of the directional
    housing/support assembly) through rear mounting hole
    in saddlebag support bar, rear fender support, sissy bar
    side plate and rear fender. See service parts page for
    exact hole locations.
    10. Install original flat washer and locknut onto directional
    housing on underside of rear fender. Tighten finger
    11. Insert one chrome button head bolt (from kit) with one
    original flat washer through front mounting hole in
    saddlebag support bar, rear fender support, sissy bar
    side plate and rear fender and into rear fender strut
    bracket. Tighten bolt to 15 ft-lbs (20 Nm).
    12. Align rear directional housing so that its lens, when
    installed, will be aimed rearward for proper visibility.
    While holding directional housing in position, tighten
    locknut to 22 ft-lbs (29 Nm).
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    Kit Number 90589-91D

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