FSP/Fortron Knight KN-1101TS priručnik

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1. Important Safety Warning
Please comply with all warnings and operating instructions in this manual strictly. Save this
manual properly and read carefully the following instructions before installing the unit. Do not
operate this unit before reading through all safety information and operating instructions
1-1. Transportation
Please transport the UPS system only in the original package to protect against shock
and impact.
1-2. Preparation
Condensation may occur if the UPS system is moved directly from cold to warm
environment. The UPS system must be absolutely dry before being installed. Please
allow at least two hours for the UPS system to acclimate the environment.
Do not install the UPS system near water or in moist environments.
Do not install the UPS system where it would be exposed to direct sunlight or near
Do not block ventilation holes in the UPS housing.
1-3. Installation
Do not connect appliances or devices which would overload the UPS system (e.g. laser
printers) to the UPS output sockets.
Place cables in such a way that no one can step on or trip over them.
Do not connect domestic appliances such as hair dryers to UPS output sockets.
The UPS can be operated by any individuals with no previous experience.
Connect the UPS system only to an earthed shockproof outlet which must be easily
accessible and close to the UPS system.
Please use only VDE-tested, CE-marked mains cable (e.g. the mains cable of your
computer) to connect the UPS system to the building wiring outlet (shockproof outlet).
Please use only VDE-tested, CE-marked power cables to connect the loads to the UPS
When installing the equipment, it should ensure that the sum of the leakage current of
the UPS and the connected devices does not exceed 3.5mA.
1-4. Operation
Do not disconnect the mains cable on the UPS system or the building wiring outlet
(shockproof socket outlet) during operations since this would cancel the protective
earthing of the UPS system and of all connected loads.
The UPS system features its own, internal current source (batteries). The UPS output
sockets or output terminals block may be electrically live even if the UPS system is not
connected to the building wiring outlet.
In order to fully disconnect the UPS system, first press the OFF/Enter button to
disconnect the mains.
Prevent no fluids or other foreign objects from inside of the UPS system.

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Specifikacije proizvoda

Brend FSP/Fortron
Model Knight KN-1101TS
Proizvod Besprekidno napajanje (UPS)
EAN 4711140486000
Jezik Engleski
Grupa proizvoda Besprekidna napajanja (UPS)
Vrsta datoteke PDF
Kapacitet izlazne snage (VA) 1000VA
Izlazna snaga 800W
Operativni ulazni napon (min) 110V
Operativni ulazni napon (maks) 300V
Operativni izlazni napon (min) 208V
Operativni izlazni napon (maks) 240V
Ulazna frekvencija 47/63Hz
Efikasnost 87%
Faktor snage 0.99
Izlazni napon Ukupna harmonijska distorzija THD 2%
Vršni faktor 3:1
Faktor snage izlaza 0.8
Regulacija izlaznog napona 1%
Broj ulaznih faza 1
Valni oblik Sinusni
Razina buke 50dB
Zvučni alarmi
Priključci i sučelja
Broj AC izlaznih utičnica 4
Vrsta izlaznih AC utičnica C13 spoj
Strujni utikač C14 spoj
Broj podržanih baterija 3
Vrijeme punjenja baterije 4h
Tipično vrijeme backupa pri polovičnom opterećenju -min
Tipično vrijeme backupa pri maksimalnom opterećenju -min
Kapacitet baterije 1
Napon baterije 12V
Veličina Toranj
Boja uređaja Cr✗
Zaslon LCD
Tip hlađenja Aktiv✗
LED indikatori
Certifikacija IEC 62040-1\r<br>IEC-62040-2\r<br>CE
Radni uvjeti
Raspon radne temperature (T-T) 0 - 40°C
Opseg relativne vlažnosti pri radu (H-H) 20 - 90%
Težina i dimenzije
Širina 145mm
Dubina 397mm
Visina 220mm
Težina 13000g