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    Wireless Gas Leak Detector
    (Model EL-2762)
    Electronics Line Ltd's Wireless Gas Leak Detector detects
    mixtures of air and combustible gases (Natural Gas, Methane,
    Propane and Butane).
    Upon detecting the presence of gas, the unit emits an alarm and
    notifies the control panel.
    The main features of your Wireless Gas Leak Detector include the
    Integrated transmitter designed for use EL's wireless alarm
    Easy to install
    Monitoring for Natural Gas, Methane, Propane and Butane in
    a continuous manner
    Loud alarm (85 dB) when detecting a buildup of Gas
    Test button
    Selecting the installation location
    The Wireless Gas Leak Detector will function effectively if installed in the
    correct location. Consider the following before mounting the gas alarm:
    Methane (Natural) Gas: Methane is lighter than air,
    therefore the greatest concentration of gas is found right
    below the ceiling, and therefore the Wireless Gas Leak
    Detector should be installed on the wall, approximately 30
    cm (12”) below the ceiling.
    Butane Gas: Propane and Butane are heavier than air,
    therefore the greatest concentration of gas is found right
    above the floor level. The Wireless Gas Leak Detector
    should therefore be installed about 30cm (12”) above the
    floor. Do not mount in a location where the gas alarm
    could be damaged by dirt, liquids, etc.
    Do not install the detector on the ceiling or on the floor.
    30 cm (12")
    30 cm (12")
    Detector location for Methane (Natural) Gas detection
    Detector location for Propane and Butane detection
    Install the detector in close proximity to every
    gas-operated appliance.
    Do not:
    Install the gas detector directly on any gas appliance.
    Install the gas detector in sealed or closed compartments or
    in an area where a wall or a closed door can obstructs the
    flow of gas to the gas alarm.
    Install the gas detector in locations where fans, open doors,
    open windows etc. may prevent gas from reaching the
    Install the gas detector in any room where aerosols or
    ammonia are used (e.g. bathrooms).
    To install the detector:
    1. Remove the mounting bracket from your unit according to Fig. 1.
    1 2 3
    Fig. 1
    2. Hold the Mounting bracket against the wall as a template and
    mark the locations for the 2 mounting holes.
    3. Using a 3/16-inch (5 mm) drill bit, drill two holes at the marks
    and insert wall plugs (Fig. 2).
    Fig. 2
    4. Secure the mounting bracket to the wall.
    5. Line up the side slot of the bracket and the detector. Push the
    detector onto the mounting bracket and fix it (see arrow
    direction, Fig. 2). Pull the detector outwards to make sure that it
    is securely attached to the mounting bracket.
    6. Connect the detector power cable to the wall power outlet.
    Transmitter/Receiver Communication Setup
    1. Set the panel to registration mode.
    2. Insert the batteries into compartment. The detector enters
    registration mode during which a transmission is sent every
    few seconds. You can terminate registration mode by
    pressing the Test Button. Test mode is automatically
    terminated after approximately five minutes.
    3. Verify that the detector has been identified by the receiver.
    Fig. 3
    To test the detector (do not test when detector is at warm up
    mode), press the Test Button.
    The red and orange LED's will flash and a sound will be
    You can partially mute the detector in an event of alarm by
    pressing the Test Button. The Red LED will continue to flash and a
    short beep will be heard every 16 seconds.
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