Citizen Cal  5A80

Citizen Cal 5A80 priručnik

  • ADEC
    Model No. HC0
    Cal No. 5A80
    This is an analogue solar-powered watch that is
    equipped with a solar cell incorporated in its face to
    convert solar energy into electricity
    Asecondary battery is used in this watch to store
    electrical energy. This secondary battery is a clean
    energy that does not contain mercury or other toxic
    substances. Once fully charged, the watch will
    continue to run for about 5 months without charging.
    <How to Use this Solar Watch Properly>
    To use this watch comfortably, make sure to recharge
    the watch before it stops running completely. Since
    there is no risk of overcharging (Overcharging
    Prevention Feature), it is recommended that the
    watch be recharged everyday.
    In the case of a screw lock-
    type crown, first release the
    crown screw lock, and then
    retighten when setting has
    been completed.
    <Setting the Time>
    1) Pull the crown out so that the second hand stops
    at the 0-position.
    2) Turn the crown to set the time.
    3) After setting the time, push the crown back into
    the normal position.
    This watch is provided with a function that causes a
    warning function to be activated when the watch is
    insufficiently charged that alters the display to inform
    the wearer of insufficient charge.
    Sufficient Recharge by Placing in Light Before Use
    Insufficient Recharging Warning Feature
    The second hand changes to two-second interval
    movement to inform the wearer of insufficient
    recharging. Although the watch will keep the correct
    time when this happens, the watch will stop when
    two-second interval movement continues for 3 days.
    Place the watch in light to recharge. The watch will
    return to one-second interval movement.
    Time Setting Warning Feature
    Although the watch hands will begin to move when
    the quick start feature is activated, since the time will
    be incorrect, the second hand moves with a hitch
    movement to indicate that the displayed time is
    incorrect. When this happens, fully recharge the
    watch and reset the time. The second hand will
    continue to move with a hitch movement until the
    time is reset.

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