Citizen Cal 2500

Citizen Cal 2500 priručnik

    Model No. BK3XX
    Caliber No. 2502, 2512
    Model No. EMXXX
    Caliber No.
    5502, 5503, 5512, 6008, 6018
    Confirm the caliber number of your watch by the
    stamp on its case back. This instruction manual
    explains how to use Calibers 2502, 2512, 5502,
    5503, 5512, 6008 and 6018.
    This instruction book is written for the 200m water
    resistant diver’s watch (Caliber 2502, 2512, 5502,
    5512, 6008, 6018) and 800m water resistant
    professional diver’s watch (Caliber 5503)
    These watches have the following special features.
    1. The register ring which is very important for
    checking diving time, has the added function that
    prevents it from being rotated in the counterclockwise
    direction to make it much safer. A register-ring that
    cannot be turned in the counterclockwise direction.
    2. The screwlock type crown with double O-ring.
    The crown is a screwlock type which uses a double
    O-ring type with 3 water resistant packings to
    improve airtightness and water resistance.
    3. The “No decompression limits table” imprinted on
    the wristband (there are some models without this
    table) to enable divers to dive safely.
    The “No decompression limits table’’ is indicated
    on the wristband to enable divers to dive safely.
    4. Helium gas insulation for professional diver’s
    watch (Caliber 5503).
    The ability to withstand the pressures of saturated
    diving using helium gas has been increased.
    By using a strong hard screw type fixed glass
    ring, the watch is safe even on the off chance
    that the helium gas penetrates the seals.
    * The specification of each Caliber, can be found in
    section “1. Specifications”.
    According to the model, the crown may be positioned
    differently from the illustrations shown, however the
    operation is the same. So please use this instruction
    booklet a corresponding way.
    * The crown of this watch is of screwlock type and
    must first be turned counterclockwise to loosen it.
    * Do not operate the crown in water or while the
    watch is wet.
    1. Setting the Time
    a. To stop the second hand, wait until second hand
    is on “0” sec, then pull out crown to position (2).
    b. Turn the crown to set the minute/hour hands to
    the desired time.
    c. To start the second hand, push the crown back
    to position (0).
    2. Setting the calendar
    a. Pull out the crown to position (1).
    b. Turn the crown clockwise until the desired day
    of the week appears. Turn the crown to
    counterclockwise until the desired date appears.
    * Do not set the date and day between 9:00pm
    and 4:00am otherwise the date and day may
    not change properly.
    After the time and calendar have been set, be
    sure to push the crown to the position (0) and
    lock it by screwing.
    The register-ring is a convenient way to keep track
    of diving time, permitting the indication of the
    elapsed and remaining times.
    * Turn the register-ring counterclockwise, while
    pushing it. It is locked under normal conditions to
    prevent free rotation, and cannot be turned in the
    reverse direction for safety reasons.
    * Determination of elapsed time: Preset the mark
    on the register-ring to the minute hand, and the
    elapsed time can be shown by the register-ring scale.
    * Determination of remaining time: Preset the mark
    on the register ring to a certain required time, and
    the remaining time can be read with the ring scale.

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