Citizen Cal 0870

Citizen Cal 0870 priručnik

    Model No. AP2XXX
    Cal. No. 087
    CTZ B6818
    This watch is a multi-hands analog solar watch with
    alarm and chronograph functions, and a solar power
    function as its base which provides the power
    source for the watch’s hands movement and alarm
    sound by converting solar energy into electrical
    power with the solar cell fitted on its face.
    A secondary battery is used in this watch to store
    electrical energy. This secondary battery is a
    clean energy battery which does not use any
    toxic substances such as mercury. Once fully
    charged, the watch will continue to run for about
    80 days (using the alarm sound for 15 seconds/day
    and the chronograph timer for 60 minutes/day)
    without further charging.
    How to use this watch properly
    For the comfortable use of this watch and its
    additional alarm and chronograph functions, take
    care to keep it sufficiently recharged.
    There is concern of overcharging this watch.
    (Overcharging Prevention Feature is included)
    We recommend that you recharge the watch
    every day.
    Please refer to the diagram on the left when
    reading this instruction manual.
    Before using
    When the watch does not operate according to
    the instruction manual, it is insufficiently
    Charge the secondary battery of the watch for
    more than 6 hours, approximately 20cm (8in.)
    away from the fluorescent or incandescent lamp
    (30W) as light sources.When charging the
    secondary battery, do not put it too close to the
    light source.
    * When charging the watch under direct rays
    of the sun, charge for more than an hour.

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