Analog Way AW-VDC-LC

Analog Way AW-VDC-LC priručnik

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    AW VideoCompositor gives system integrators and developers all the tools they need to easily incorporate
    LiveCore™ image processors video compositing into a single point of control Crestron® touch-screen
    Version 4.01 adds new features, such as the support of multiple screens sharing the same source list in one
    page, and the capability to assign sources to video layers either with drag and drop gesture, or just by
    selecting a source and clicking the target layer.
    These new features require new Smart Graphics™ module named AW Multi Display Composer. This new
    module replaces old AW Video Compositor module (no backward compatibility).
    Package content
    The package contains the following components:
    The Smart Graphics modules. They can be installed easily via the Windows setup application
    provided. There are 4 different Smart Graphics modules automatically installed:
    o AW Multi Display Composer
    o AW Video Perspective Renderer (optional)
    o AW Frames/Logos Configurator (optional)
    o AW Text Entry (optional)
    The Crestron driver for the LiveCore™ image processors
    Two SIMPL+® example programs (one basic and one advanced)
    Two XPanel projects (one basic and one advanced) running with the SIMPL+® sample programs
    Help files in English
    Key features
    Visualize all your screens with layers size and position (PRG or PRW)
    Use the touchscreen to resize or adjust layer position
    Visualize live sources with their dynamic thumbnail
    2 modes for source selection: drag & drop or select & click
    Recall Presets or Master Presets and start seamless transitions
    Also compatible with Perspective Layer screens
    Change the native background instantly
    Configure the Monitoring mosaic with a simple flick of the finger
    Configure Confidence screen(s) layout and load Presets
    All Smart Graphics™ modules can be customized to match the look and feel of your application
    Video Compositing Smart Graphics™ module can be configured to match your exact screens
    configuration (pixel area, layers, …)
    Compatible with 3-Series Crestron® control systems with Ethernet connection
    Compatible with any LiveCore seamless switcher

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