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Installation Guide

NXD-500IW 5" Water-Resistant Wall/Flush Mount Touch Panel

For more detailed installation, configuration, programming, file transfer, and operating
instructions, refer to the NXD-500i Operation/Reference Guide, available online at


The NXD-500IW widescreen color panel is designed for use in high-humidity INDOOR environments ranging between 50 and 95% relative humidity. It includes a built-in microphone, speakers, a mini-USB port for programming and audio output, and one NetLinx-programmable button. All power is supplied via Power Over Ethernet (PoE),
utilizing a PS-POE-AF PoE Injector (FG423-80) or equivalent PoE device. The
NXD-500IW comes in Mystique black (NXD-500IW-MB, FG2261-09) and Mystique
white (NXD-500IW-MW, FG2261-12).The NXD-500IW supports Intercom functionality, which allows two communicating panels (controlled by the NetLinx Master) to transmit full-duplex audio signals over a network in order to be used as an Intercom system.


IP Rating Compliance (Indoor Use Only)

The NXD-500IW is IP Rating 51 compliant. Ingress of dust is not entirely prevented,
but it will not enter in sufficient quantity to interfere with the satisfactory operation of
the device; complete protection against contact. Dripping water (vertically falling drops) shall have no harmful effect.

Panel Connectors and Wiring

FIG. 2 shows the connectors located on the NXD-500IW Modero panel. The mini-USB port is used both for programming the touch panel and for audio output. The mini-USB port automatically detects the presence of a headphone adaptor, allowing the port to be used for headphone connectivity. For more information on connection and use of the Panel Connectors, as well as information on programming and headphone connectivity, please refer to the
NXD-500i Operation/Reference Guide, available at
Front Bezel Button
The NXD-500IW has only one button on the front of the device, in the center of the bezel. This button has several uses:• Press the button once to start a previously programmed function, or to turn off the display if not previously programmed.
Press and hold the button for 6 seconds to put the device into Setup Mode.
Press and hold the button for 9 seconds to enter Calibration Mode.
• Press and hold the button for 20 seconds to reboot the panel.FIG. 1
NXD-500IW-MW 5" Modero Widescreen WallMount Touch Panel
NXD-500IW (FG2261-09/12) Specifications
Dimensions (HWD): NXD-500IW (with bezel): 4.15" x 5.59" x 1.97"
(10.50 cm x 14.20 cm x 5 cm)
CB-TP5 Rough-In/Wallbox (optional): 4.27" x 5.14" x 3.40"
(10.86 cm x 13.06 cm x 8.64 cm)
PoE Powered - No local Power Supply needed
Max power draw: 5.5W.
Memory (Factory
256 MB integrated Flash Memory (not upgradeable - factory
Weight: 0.80 lbs (0.36 kg)
Certifications: FCC Part 15 Class B
IEC 60950
Panel LCD
Aspect ratio: 16 x 9
Maximum brightness (luminance): 200 cd/m2
Channel transparency: 8-bit Alpha blending
Contrast ratio: 250:1
Display colors: 256 thousand colors (18-bit color depth)
Dot/pixel pitch: 0.14 mm
Panel type: TFT Color Active-Matrix
Screen resolution: 800 x 480 pixels (HV) @ 60 Hz frame
Viewing dimensions: 4.3" x 2.58" (109.2 mm x 65.2 mm)
Active Screen Area: 4.25” x 2.55” (10.80cm x 6.48cm)
Viewing Angles: Up/Down/Left/Right: 85/85/85/85
IR Reception Angle: Horizontal: +
25° (left and right from center)
Vertical: +
15° (up and down from center)
Supported Audio
Sample Rates:
48000Hz, 44100Hz, 32000Hz, 24000Hz, 22050Hz, 16000Hz,
12000Hz, 11025Hz, and 8000Hz.
Intercom: Full duplex VoIP capabilities.
Front Panel Components:
Light Sensor: Photosensitive light detector for automatic adjustment of the
panel brightness.
Motion Sensor
Proximity Infrared Detector to wake the panel when panel is
Front Bezel Button: Provides both access to the Setup and Calibration pages and
toggles the panel between a “sleep” or “wake” state. This button
is also user-programmable.
Front Bezel ButtonBezelSpeakerTouch screenMicrophone
NXD-500IW Specifications (Cont.)
Front Panel Components (Cont.)
Microphone: Frequency response of 300 to 3400Hz; used for intercom
Speaker: Output of 4Ohm, 2 Watts, with a 300Hz low cutoff frequency.
Side Panel Connectors:
Ethernet 10/100
RJ-45 port for 10/100 Mbps communication. The Ethernet port
automatically negotiates the connection speed (10 Mbps or 100
Mbps), and whether to use half duplex or full duplex mode.
Power is supplied through Power Over Internet (PoE). NXD-
500IW panels communicate with the NetLinx Master using the
ICSP protocol over Ethernet. LEDs show communication activity,
connections, speeds, and mode information:
L/A-link/activity - Yellow LED lights On when the Ethernet cables
are connected and terminated correctly and then blinks when
receiving Ethernet data packets.
SPD-speed - Green LED lights On when the connection speed is
100 Mbps and turns Off when the speed is 10 Mbps.
5-pin Mini-USB connector used for programming, firmware
update, and touch panel file transfer between the PC and the
target panel. The connector is also used for providing audio
output for external speakers.
Operating /Storage
Operating Temperature: 0° C (32° F) to 40° C (104° F)
Operating Humidity: 5% - 95% relative humidity
Storage Temperature: -20° C (-4° F) to 60° C (140° F)
Storage Humidity: 5% - 85% RH
Indoor Installation and Operation ONLY
NXD-500IW Installation Guide (93-2261-09)
Other AMX
CB-TP5i Rough-In/Wallbox (FG038-11)
Back Cover for the CB-TP5i Rough-In/Wallbox (FG038-12)
PS-POE-AF PoE Injector (FG423-80)
CC-USB Type-A to Mini-B 5-wire programming cable
USB to Headphone Adaptor (FG5966-23)
FIG. 2 Connector layout on the NXD-500IW
Ethernet 10/100 portMini-USB portBack box

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Brend AMX
Model NXD-500iW-MB
Proizvod Monitor
Jezik Engleski
Vrsta datoteke PDF
Dijagonala monitora 5 "
Vrijeme odziva - ms
Svjetlina zaslona 200 cd/m²
Odnos kontrasta (tipičan) 250:1
Razlučivost zaslona 800 x 480 pikseli
Veličina točke 0.14 x 0.14 mm
Omjer stranica 16:9
Vidljiva površina zaslona (VxŠ) 109.2 x 65.2 mm
Tip dodirnog zaslona -
OmniTapps Multitouch kompatibilnost -
Ugrađeni zvučnici Da
Broj zvučnika 2
Priključci i sučelja
Broj USB 2.0 priključaka 1
Broj Ethernet LAN (RJ-45) priključaka 1
Potrošnja energije (tipično) 5.5 W
Ostale značajke
Dimenzije (ŠxDxV) 142 x 50 x 105 mm
Težina i dimenzije
Težina (bez postolja) 360 g
Radni uvjeti
Dozvoljeni raspon temperatura za skladištenje (T-T) -20 - 60 °C
Raspon radne temperature (T-T) 0 - 40 °C
Opseg relativne vlažnosti pri radu (H-H) 5 - 95 %
Raspon relazivne vlažnosti pri skladištenju 5 - 85 %
Mogućnost zidne montaže Da
Boja proizvoda Crno
Certifikacija FCC 15 B, CE, IEC 60950, RoHS\n
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