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    CC-NIRC NetLinx IR Emitter Cable
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    REV: B93-0011-11
    The CC-NIRC (FG10-000-11) is an IR emitter cable used with NetLinx
    controllers to control your equipment either from IR emitters or a hand-held
    remote control. Utilizes a 2-pin, 3.5 mm Phoenix connector on one end and
    a single LED emitter (flasher) on the other end.
    One black adhesive backed IR window shield is included. With this shield
    surrounding the internal emitter, you can restrict IR reception through the
    device’s control window by blocking any interference or IR signals
    produced by sources other than the internal emitter. Without this shield,
    any incoming IR signal can pass through to the IR control window and
    overlap signals sent via the emitter. See Shielded Configuration for details.
    Note: Clean the surface of the IR window of your equipment and make
    sure it is free of any residue or contaminants before attaching the IR
    Pass-Through Configurations
    This method allows IR signals generated from hand-held remotes to easily
    pass through the opaque red shell/cover. The internal IR LED can be
    oriented to either face towards or away from the shell, depending on its
    output configuration.
    Use the low-output configuration when device is being saturated by an
    IR signal.
    Use the high-output configuration when the device isn’t receiving
    enough of an IR signal and requires more strength. The side with the
    round “bump” is the high-output side.
    Removing the Factory-Installed Shell
    The factory-installed shell is easily removed by carefully separating the two
    halves with a sharp-edged tool.
    The IR LED can then be reversed or removed when the shell is separated.
    Once the IR emitter and/or shield installations have been completed, the
    housing can be re-assembled by pressing the two halves firmly together.
    Shielded Configuration
    Use this configuration to prevent interference from fluorescent lights or
    other IR sources. The metallic shield prohibits passage of external IR
    signals and ensures proper IR signals will be received from the emitter.
    1. Remove the IR LED from the factory-installed shell.
    2. Test fit the location and size of the IR shield on the target device. If
    necessary, use scissors to trim the shield to fit the opening of the IR
    3. Remove the adhesive backing from the IR shield and carefully place
    the IR LED into the recessed area using the correct orientation. Make
    sure the wires attached to the IR LED are not shorted together.
    4. Flip the shield-emitter combo back over and begin to carefully position
    the shield over the IR control window so that it covers the entire sur-
    face. This keeps any other signal from coming through.
    5. Press firmly on the shield surface to activate the pressure-sensitive
    FIG. 1 CC-NIRC
    FIG. 2 Low-Output and High-Output sides
    FIG. 3 Removing the Factory-Installed Shell
    Opaque IR Window Shell
    Example CC-NIRC Installation
    Opaque IR Window Shield
    CC-NIRC Cable
    IR Emitter Shield covering the IR Window on Controlled Device

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