Alcatel E155

Alcatel E155 priručnik

  • Las baterías usadas del teléfono (si dispone de las mismas)
    deben eliminarse según la normativa de protección
    medioambiental actual. Cumpla con la normativa local.
    Lleve las baterías a un centro de reciclaje aprobado.
    ¡Ayúdenos a proteger el medio ambiente en el que
    1.1. Handset and Base Station Overview
    In idle mode: Press to access the main menu
    In sub-menu mode: Press to conrm the selection
    In main menu mode: Press to go back to idle screen
    In sub-menu mode: Press to go back to previous level
    In editing / predialing mode: Press to clear a character
    / digit
    In editing / predialing mode: Press and hold to delete
    all the characters / digits
    During a call: Press to mute/unmute the microphone
    In idle mode: Press to select handset number by
    and then to conrm.
    In ringing: Press to suppress handset ringer
    In idle mode: Press to access the call list
    In menu mode: Press to scroll up the menu items
    In Phonebook list/Redial list/Call List: Press to scroll up
    the list
    During a call: Press to increase the volume
    In ringing: Press to increase the ringer volume
    In idle mode: Press to access the redial list
    In menu mode: Press to scroll down the menu items
    In Phonebook list/Redial list/Call List: Press to scroll
    down the list
    During a call: Press to decrease the volume
    In ringing: Press to decrease the ringer volume
    During a call: Press to end a call and go back to idle
    In menu/editing mode: Press to go back to previous
    In idle mode: Press and hold to power off the handset
    In idle mode: Press to access the phonebook list
    (only for E155), (only for E195)
    In idle/predialing mode: Press to insert a ash; during a
    call: Press to dial a ash (for E155)
    For E195:
    During a call: Press to turn on/off the speakerphone
    In Idle mode/Predialing mode/Redial list/Call
    List/Phonebook entry: Press to make a call with
    During ringing: Press to answer a call with speakerphone
    * key in idle mode: Press and hold to enable or disable
    the keypad lock
    1, 2 key in idle/off hook mode: Press and hold to dial the
    stored direct memory number
    In idle/predialing mode: Press to make a call
    In Redial list/Call List/Phonebook entry: Press to make
    a call to the selected entry in the list
    During ringing: Press to answer a call
    During a call: Press to dial a ash (for E195)
    Press on the base station to page your handset. It
    will ring for approximately 60 seconds.
    Press and hold
    the base station for about ve
    seconds, the base station is entered into registration
    mode and allows handset registration.
    1.2. Display Icons and Symbols
    The LCD display gives you information on the current status
    of the telephone.
    Indicates you have a new voice mail message*.
    Displays during browsing call log answered incoming call item.
    Displays during browsing redial list.
    Blinks when you have new missed calls*.
    Steadily on during browsing call log which has missed calls that have
    been read.
    Displays when the alarm clock is activated.
    (After alarm is nished, to turn off Alarm function by
    / or
    select CLOCK / ALARM / / SET ALARM / / or
    select OFF / )
    Displays when handsfree is activated (only for E195).
    Displays when ringer volume is turned off.
    Indicates that the handset is registered and within range of the
    base station. Icon blinks when the handset is out of range or is
    searching for a base. If E appears on top of the icon, it means ECO
    mode is ON.
    Indicates when user enters the menu.
    Indicates the keypad is locked.
    Indicates during browsing phonebook.
    Indicates battery is fully charged.
    Indicates battery is fully discharged.
    Indicates that an external call is connected or held.
    Icon blinks when receiving an incoming call.
    The signal quality will depend on the location and
    environment of the base and handset.
    Position your E155 / E195 away from sources of excessive
    heat (radiators, direct sunlight, etc.) and protect it from
    vibrations and dust. Never allow your telephone to come
    into contact with water or other liquids, or with aerosols. To
    reduce the risk of interference and optimize reception, take
    particular care not to install the base in the immediate
    vicinity of windows, large metal objects, reinforced
    concrete, televisions, music centres, VCR or DVD players,
    halogen lamps or heating devices, uorescent lighting,
    burglar alarms, microwave ovens, computers, etc.
    This telephone requires an electrical power supply in order
    to function.
    To clean your E155 / E195, use an antistatic cloth lightly
    moistened with water.
    3.1. Installing and Charging the Batteries
    1. Slide down to open the battery compartment cover.
    2. Place the 2 supplied AAA rechargeable batteries as
    indicated. Pay extra attention to direction of polarity.
    3. Slide the battery compartment cover back.
    4. Put the handset on the base and charge for 15 hours
    before using the handset for the rst time. The
    handset will give a beep when it is properly placed on
    the base or charger.
    1. Use only the supplied NiMH rechargeable batteries.
    2. If the handset will not be used for a long time,
    disconnect and remove the batteries to prevent
    possible leakage.
    3.2. Connecting the Base Station
    1. Plug one end of the telephone line cord into the
    telephone jack on base bottom.
    2. Plug the small end of power adapter into a power jack
    on base bottom.
    3. Connect the power supply plug to the base jack.
    4. Plug the large end of power adapter into a wall power
    5. Plug the other end of the telephone line cord in to the
    telephone jack or micro-lter.
    6. Always use the cables provided in the box..
    the telephone and the telephone line, otherwise you may
    get interference between the telephone and the broadband,
    which could cause problems.
    In a home with broadband, every telephone must have a
    micro-lter connected, not just the one at the telephone
    point that your modem is connected to. If you need more
    broadband microlters, contact your broadband supplier.
    4.1. Make a Call
    4.1.1. Preparatory Dialing
    Enter the phone number and press or (only for E195) to
    dial the number.
    to clear the entry.
    4.1.2. Direct Dialing
    Press or (only for E195) to take the line and enter the
    phone number.
    4.1.3. Dial from Direct Memory Keys
    In idle or off hook mode, press and hold / to dial the
    direct memory number. You have to store number to the
    related key rst. See section 7.3 for reference.
    4.1.4. Call from the Redial List
    Press to access the redial list and press to select the
    desired redial number.
    Press or (only for E195) to dial out to the selected
    redial number.
    4.2. Handset Speakerphone (E195)
    During a call, you can press (only for E195) to alternate
    between handsfree and normal handset use.
    Your phone can store up to 50 private phonebook entries
    with names and numbers. Each phonebook entry can have
    a maximum of 24 digits for the phone number and 12
    characters for the name. Phonebook entries are stored
    alphabetically by name.
    5.1. Add a New Phonebook Entry
    In idle:
    1. Press
    and / to select PHONEBOOK main
    menu item and then press to access the phonebook.
    2. Press and / to select ADD NEW.
    3. Press to enter the name.
    4. Press to enter the number.
    5. Press to store the phonebook entry.
    5.2. Call from the Phonebook
    In idle mode:
    1. Press to access the phonebook. OR
    Press and / to select PHONEBOOK main
    menu item and then press to access the phonebook
    2. Press or (only for E195) to dial out to the selected
    phonebook entry.
    5.3. Shared phonebook entries among multiple
    handsets (for duo and trio)
    Automatic synchronization between handsets.
    This feature is available if you have subscribed the Caller
    Line Identication service with your telephone service
    provider. Your phone can store up to 20 received calls with
    date/time information in the Call List. The number will be
    shown on the LCD when the phone is ringing. If the number
    matches with one of the entries in your Private Phonebook,
    the caller’s name stored in the private phonebook will be
    displayed alternatively with the number.
    If the caller number is disabled to send caller information,
    “PRIVATE” will display.
    If the caller number is not provided, “OUT OF AREA” will
    6.1. View the Call List
    All received calls are saved in Call List with the latest call
    putting at the top of the list. When the call list is full, the
    oldest call will be replaced by a new call. The unanswered
    call which has not been read is marked with a
    at the
    centre of the bottom line of the display.
    1. Press to access the call list.
    2. Press / to select the desired entry.
    3. Press to see calling number
    4. Press or to select VIEW, and then press to
    read date/time of the call received.
    6.2. Call from the Call List
    In idle mode:
    1. Follow step 1 and 2 in Section 6.1.
    2. Press or (only for E195) to dial out to the selected
    7.1. Set the Ringer Melody
    1. Press and / to select PERSONAL SET.
    2. Press and / to select HANDSET TONE.
    3. Press and / to select RING MELODY.
    4. Press and / to select the desired ringer
    melody from the melody list.
    Note: The respective ringer melody will be played while
    browsing the melody list.
    5. Press to conrm.
    7.2. Set the Ringer Volume
    1. Press and / to select PERSONAL SET.
    2. Press and / to select HANDSET TONE.
    3. Press and / to select RING VOLUME.
    4. Press
    and / to select the desired ringer
    volume (a total of 6 ringer volume levels including
    5. Press to conrm.
    7.3. Store Direct Memory Access Number
    You can store three direct access numbers into digit KEY 1,
    KEY 2, which will be convenient for you to dial to these
    numbers directly.
    1. Press and / to select PHONEBOOK..
    2. Press and / to select EDIT.
    3. Press
    and / to select 1_, or 2_.
    4. Press and then enter the name you would like to
    store, or edit the name existed before.
    5. Press
    to conrm and then enter the number.
    6. Press to conrm.
    Note: Press and hold
    , to call the stored number.
    7.4. Switch Date/Time and Handset number in standby
    1. Long press
    to switch date/time and handset number
    on the display during standby mode.
    8. Make an Internal Call (Duo/Trio
    This feature is only applicable when there are at least two
    registered handsets.
    It allows you to make internal calls, transfer external calls
    from one handset to another handset and make conference
    calls. If the called handset is not answered within 60
    seconds, the called handset will stop ringing and the calling
    handset will return to standby mode.
    Note: If only one handset is registered to the base station,
    press will hear error tone.
    8.1. Intercom Another Handset
    1. In idle mode, press
    2. Press / to select the desired handset number to
    intercom with, then press .
    3. The called handset rings and press
    on the called
    handset to establish the internal call.
    Note: If only two handsets are registered to the base
    station, press will call another handset immediately.
    8.2. Transfer an External Call to another handset
    During an external call:
    1. Long press
    and / to select handset number,
    and then press .
    2. The external call is put on hold automatically and the
    called handset rings.
    3. Press on the called handset to establish an internal
    4. Press
    on the calling handset or put the calling
    handset on the charging cradle to end the current call
    with the external party.
    5. The external call is transferred to the called handset.
    8.3. Make a 3-way Conference Call
    The conference call feature allows one external call to be
    shared with two handsets (in intercom). The three parties
    can share the conversation and no network subscription is
    During an external call:
    1. Follow Steps 1 to 3 in section 8.2.
    2. Press and hold
    on the calling handset to establish
    the conference call.
    Note: Any handset hangs up during a conference call will
    leave the other handset still in connection with the external
    Your handset and base station are pre-registered. Up to
    four handsets can be registered to a single base station.
    If for some reason, the handset is not registered to the
    base station ashes (even when the handset is near
    the base station), register your handset according to the
    following procedure.
    1. Press and hold
    on the base station for about ve
    seconds, the base station is entered into registration
    2. Press and / to select ADVANCED SET.
    3. Press
    and / to select REGISTER.
    4. Press
    and / and you are requested to enter
    the 4-digit system PIN (default PIN is 0000).
    5. Enter the 4-digit system PIN.
    6. Press to conrm.
    If the handset registration is successful, you will hear a
    conrmation tone and the
    will stop ashing. The handset
    will automatically be allocated the next available handset
    This handset number is shown in the handset display in
    standby mode. If the handset registration is unsuccessful,
    will still ash.
    Free Field Range Up to 300 metres*
    Indoor Range Up to 50 metres*
    Handset Battery Life
    (average values)
    10 hours talk time**
    200 hours standby**
    Number of Handsets Up to 4
    Intercom Mode Yes
    Three-Way Conference
    (1 outside correspondent
    + 2 internal
    Mains Adaptor/Charger
    Only use the adaptors sup-
    plied with the telephone
    Caution: The network
    voltage is classied as a
    hazard by the
    criteria of this standard.
    Telephone Connection Appliance designed for
    connection to a TNV3 class
    voltage) analogue tele-
    Batteries Only use the batteries sup-
    plied with the telephone.
    Use any other type of
    battery presents a risk of
    explosion. Used batteries
    must be disposed of in
    compliance with current
    environmental protection
    Operating Temperature From 5°C to 40°C
    * Values may vary according to environment.
    ** Depending on initial battery charge.
    If you have difculty with your phone, please try the
    suggestions listed below.
    As a general rule, if a problem occurs, remove the batteries
    from all the handsets in your installation for about 1
    minute, then disconnect and reconnect the power supply to
    the base and reinstall the handset batteries.
    Problem Cause Solutions
    No dialing
    tone when
    a. The connection
    cord of the base
    station is not
    plugged in.
    b. The adapter cord
    is not plugged in
    correctly in the
    base station.
    c. The line is busy,
    as another
    handset is used.
    d. Wrong connection
    a. Check the
    Unplug and plug
    back in the mains.
    Check that the
    telephone line
    cord has been
    plugged into the
    base station and
    the phone socket.
    b. Check the base
    station plug
    and the AC plug
    (remove and
    c. Wait until the
    line is unoccupied.
    d. Use the original
    connection cord.
    ING” is
    a. Base station out
    of range.
    b. Base station is not
    connected to
    a. Reduce the range.
    b. Connect base
    station to mains.
    The call
    does not
    Service not
    or wrong operator.
    Check your
    Subscription with
    No display. Empty battery. Recharge battery.
    The store where you bought your telephone can also
    provide you with information and after-sales support.
    12. SAFETY
    In the event of an electrical hazard, the mains adapter acts
    as AC power isolating device. It should therefore, as a
    precaution, be installed close to the appliance and be easily
    accessible. To disconnect the device from the primary
    power source, the mains adapter must be removed from
    the AC socket.
    If the mains adapter fails, it must be replaced by an
    identical model.
    If not connected to the mains power or if there is a mains
    power failure, telephones that use cordless handsets will
    not work.
    You will then be unable to make or receive calls in the
    event of an emergency.
    This is why we recommend that you also keep a
    conventional telephone – one that doesn’t require a power
    supply – as a backup.
    Do not use your telephone to notify a gas leak when
    standing in the vicinity of the leak.
    It is recommended that you avoid using this device during
    electrical storms.
    Do not attempt to open the batteries, as they contain
    chemical substances. In the event of leakage, avoid contact
    with the skin, eyes, nose and mouth. In the event of
    contact, rinse the affected part for about twenty minutes
    with running water and seek urgent medical attention.
    Clean the product with absorbent paper or a dry cloth.
    This symbol means that your inoperative electronic
    appliance must be collected separately and not mixed
    with the household waste.
    This appliance has been designed and manufactured
    with high quality materials and components that can be
    recycled and reused. Electrical and electronic appliances are
    liable to contain parts that are necessary in order for the
    system to work properly but which can become a health and
    environmental hazard if they are not handled or disposed
    of in the proper way. Consequently, please do not throw out
    your inoperative appliance with the household waste. You
    must deposit it at the appropriate local collection point.
    Keen to preserve the environment, ATLINKS has equipped
    this appliance with a switching power supply, offering
    better energy efciency. The advantages include not only
    very low electricity consumption, but also a more compact
    format than the conventional power supply units used by
    the previous range.
    The used batteries from your telephone (if it has batteries)
    must be disposed of in compliance with current
    environmental protection regulations. Comply with your
    local regulations. Dispose the batteries at an approved
    recycling centre.
    Help us protect the environment in which we live!
    ATLINKS Europe
    147 avenue Paul Doumer
    © ATLINKS 2019 - Reprodución prohibida.
    El fabricante se reserva el derecho de modicar sin previo
    aviso las características de sus productos para introducir
    mejoras técnicas o cumplir con nuevas regulaciones
    ociales. ALCATEL y ATLINKS son marcas registradas.
    Alcatel es una marca de Nokia, utilizada bajo licencia por
    © ATLINKS 2019 - Reproduction prohibited.
    The Manufacturer reserves the right to modify the
    specications of its products in order to make technical
    improvements or comply with new regulations.
    ALCATEL and ATLINKS are registered trademarks.
    Alcatel is a trademark of Nokia, used under license by
    E155/E195 CH/LA
    A/W N.º: 10002178 Rev.0 (SP/EN)
    Printed in China
    If you have broadband service,
    a micro-lter (not included) is required.
    3.3. Connecting the Charger(s)
    Plug the power adapter into mains socket.
    If you have a Broadband line
    If you connect your telephone to a line with a broadband
    connection, you will need to insert a micro-lter between

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Specifikacije proizvoda

Brend Alcatel
Model E155
Proizvod Telefon
EAN 3700601420777
Jezik Engleski, Španjolski
Vrsta datoteke PDF
Tip Analogni / DECT telefon
Integrirana telefonska sekretarica
Vrsta slušalica Bežične slušalice
Vrijeme snimanja 14min
Maksimalni domet u zatvorenom prostoru 50m
Maksimalni domet na otvorenom 300m
Tip zvona -
Broj melodija 10
Broj razina za glasnoću zvona 8
Broj razina glasnoće slušalica 5
Tip montaže Stolni
Boja proizvoda Cr✗
Telefon za starije osobe
Broj tipki 20
Karakteristike telefona
Kapacitet imenika 50u✗si
Isključivanje mikrofona
Funkcija slanja poruke
Upravljanje pozivima
Identifikacija poziva
Ponovni poziv
Kapacitet liste za ponovno biranje 10
Mogućnost konferencijskog poziva
Značajke za upravljanje
Kontrola jačine zvuka Gumbi
Indikator slabe baterije
Oznaka za govornu poštu
Ugrađen zaslon
Zaslon LCD
Veličina ekrana (V x Š) 19 x 34.3mm
Zaslon sa pozadinskim osvetljenjem
Boja pozadinskog osvjetljenja Narančasto
Priključci i sučelja
Ulazni DC strujni priključak
Vrsta baterije AAA
Broj podržanih baterija 2
Tehnologija baterije Nikal-metal-hidrid (NiMH)
Vrijeme razgovora 10h
Vrijeme u stanju pripravnosti 200h
Težina i dimenzije
Dimenzije baze 91 x 91 x 33.2mm
Dimenzije slušalice (ŠxDxV) 50.8 x 24.6 x 150mm
Sadržaj ambalaže
Broj uključenih slušalica 1
Baza uključena
Kratke upute za uporabu
Uključene slušalice

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